McGuire boned or willing career shift?

News from Channel 9 this morning that Eddie McGuire will no longer be CEO of the network.

This from the Nine media release:

Mr McGuire said he had greatly enjoyed the executive role but said: “I am of the view
that my best contribution to Nine is in the creative elements of the business and that has
prompted this change.”
“I am looking forward to the change in role and to continue working with the executive
team at Nine. I have made a commitment for the next 5 years and we have a clear
mandate to produce the best local content in Australia.”

Of course, there will be those of us (me) who will say “I told you so” but that’s not the point. Nine was in some trouble when McGuire took over and his job was to make it recover rather than make it worse.

It was a bad move all along. As far as Eddie’s “contribution to the creative elements” goes, well, I’d love to hear what you think that contribution entailed.


  1. He did contribute the word “boned” to the vocabulary. And he did allow for people to see that nine was crap most of the time (watch SBS people, its better).

  2. I think you need to listen back to the tapes, Josh. I’ve been on this for months and whenever I have there’s been immediate groans and pooh-poohing.

  3. Dude, I said it when he took the job.

    Beat that, Mr One-up-manship.

    Wait. No. I said it when he was born. Yes, that’s right. When Eddie was born I said “now there is a child who should never grow up to be the head of a TV network or it will cause huge problems.”

    Take that!

  4. I think anyone who thought it was anything more than a titular role from the start was deluded.

  5. alex boxcutter says:

    am I wrong to have giggled a little when I read the words “titular role”?

  6. More footy show, less Sopranos thats what Eddies contribution was. Oh that and his uncanny ability to buy shows from the US that were about to be cancelled!

  7. I think Brett beat you with the one up-manship this time Josh, given he broke this news a good 25 minutes before you.

    Plus you’re older than I thought if you were really saying such things at Eddie’s birth.

    Eddie was a one trick pony with his ‘Hey, I know, I’ll host it’ style, that worked well (Miners) and not so well (Footy Show from Germany).

    I liked the fact that in true 00 Nine style they are not replacing – gee he must have been doing a really bang up job if they don’t need anybody in his place. Reminds me of The Simpsons:

    Lenny: We had a real hard time replacing you Homer

    Insert shot of a chicken/carbon rob/brick on a rope at Homer’s work station.

  8. Ross, I know Carbon Rob personally, and he’s a great guy and hard worker.

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