Ep 203: Craig McLachlan (really!)

This week we speak at length to Craig McLachlan. He tells us all about Neighbours, the record industry, the wilderness and Alan Dale.

He’s a wonderful guest. Listen to it.

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  1. Rob Boxcutter says:

    Terrific interview. Thanks Craig McLachlan and Cutters of Box. My ears are happy.

  2. Bob Roxcutter says:

    More, more more! That was a great interview. In fact I think the best I have heard you guys do. But what about the Big Breakfast story? I'm hoping it features Lilly Savage.

  3. actualchad says:

    Obviously I wasn't the only one yelling “Big Breakfast!” at my iphone.
    Great interview, sadly cut short, but hopefully the Summer Series will pick up where this episode left off.

    It was good to hear an actor spill some ugly truths rather than toe the line. I had a lot of respect for Alan Dale finally making his mark in the US, but if he's gonna be an ass about it….

  4. Daniel D Boxcutter says:

    Thank you Boxcutters for what was easily one of the best interviews I've ever heard. I couldn't believe how quickly the time went and was shocked to hear that the whole episode was over at the end of the interview. It felt like you'd only just got warmed up. Craig was amazingly candid and genuine and he offered unique perspectives that gave the listeners some real insight into the TV and music industries. 10/10

  5. wow. that was really amazing. bring that man back. (and especially get him to do the sexy frank'n'furter voice..swoon).

    great insight, he comes across as someone smart and fun and who would be a blast to work with, and a great friend to have.

    some wickedly good questions guys.

    ps my crumpler addiction is getting out of hand, help!

  6. darrenboxcutter says:

    Good work guys. Couldn't get Alan Dale on the show huh? I guess Craig will do.

  7. Great episode! Just a point on why there is a controversy about the wheelchair bound character on Glee being portrayed by an actor who can walk. It is, I think, simply that if you're an actor- or aspiring actor- who also happens to use a wheelchair, be blind, deaf, etc., unless you're Marlee Matlin it's extremely difficult to get a job in an industry where jobs are already scarce. Speaking personally, I'm a fan of the actoring, and use a cane. Now, unless I'm House, which I clearly am not… you see where I'm going?

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