Ray Martin Quits

After 30 years at Nine, Ray Martin has quit the network.

With reports of his discontent last year – before the reinstatement of David Gyngell as network chief executive – the snubbing of his pitch for a chat show and the earlier start time for the Sunday programme, it’s not much of a surprise.

Martin began at the network as a reporter on 60 Minutes, continuing as host of Midday and A Current Affair, with any number of special hosting gigs thrown in over the years.

Both David Gyngell and Martin claim it’s an amicable split.

Full report from AAP at NineMSN


  1. Wow. The loss of Ray has obviously struck a real chord with the Boxcutters family!

  2. I think Ray is a little past his use-by date, so we don’t really care!

    That said, my friend linked his blog into the John Safran vs Ray Martin video here:


    Incidentally, Safran was the reason I started listening to Boxcutters, back at ep. 4 🙂

  3. What will happen to “Ray Watch” will the segment need renaming ? “Anna Watch” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  4. catbrain says:

    oh, BOO HOO Ray… plenty of your colleagues have been screwed over in the last few years and you’ve sat back and said nothing in their defence. As a supposedly senior and well-respected journalist at the network, surely you’d be sticking up for them? Well, you should’ve seen it coming.

    Amicable, my arse.

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