Ep 363: The Wrong Mans

This week we take a look at the thriller/comedy from the BBC, The Wrong Mans, created by and starring James Corden and Mathew Baynton.

Brett brings us an I Don’t Buy It or two – something a little on the freaky side… If you want to see them, check the show notes below.

Along with that, there’s some Crushes and What to Watch and some chatter about what our co-hosts are getting up to away from the studio (there’s some details about that in the notes as well).

[audio:http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/media.boxcutters.net/BCep363.mp3|titles=Episode 363|artists=Boxcutters]


All Marian's Crushes of the week

All Marian’s Crushes of the week

Check out Steele‘s other work: I Love Green Guide Letters in iTunes, book for Steele‘s show, Rosebud or book for I Love Green Guide Letters at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

We mentioned briefly the new Working Dog production with our own Dave Lawson – it’s called Utopia and here’s the IMDB link for more info.

There was also a reference to the question of why Kat Stewart wasn’t in Fat Tony & Co which was nicely covered by our friend David Knox over at TV Tonight.

What to Watch:

Marian: Spicks and Specks – ABC1 Wednesday 8:30
Steele: Fat Tony & Co – 9
Brett: The Goldbergs – coming up on 7
Nicola: Black Sails – STARZ (US)

Here are the links to the I Don’t Buy It clips:

James Corden

All Marian’s Crushes of the week

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  1. The Wrong Mans is so fun! I love it. Go see Steele’s shows. Sadly in my spare time I play AnimalCrossing on nintendo 3ds and watch millions of TV shows. i have just started Vampire Diaries. So far I feel like it’s a bit like Friday Night Lights with Vampires. Thoughts?

  2. Re: Krew Boylan (the actress who played Schapelle Corby). I didn’t watch the show, but every time the ad came on my wife would comment. Initially it was “I know her from somewhere”, then it became “She’s Grubby from Dirt Girl World, I’m sure of it!” which was subsequently proven to be the case by an IMDB search. Scary…

  3. Vampire Diaries had way too many ads on Go! when I was watching that for me to be able to seriously have a look.

    Do you think Friday Night Lights with Vampires is a good idea or make good TV?

  4. @Steve: We talked briefly about the casting on the Schapelle Corby in a part that didn’t make the final cut.

    I’m pretty sure Jacinta Stapleton also counts as another actor that would fit that “Goddammit, I know her from SOMEWHERE” category. I wonder if they intentionally did that to hook viewers at the same time as getting some bargain basement cast fees.

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