About Boxcutters

It’s TV for radio on the internet.

Hosted by Marian Blythe, Dave Lawson, Steele Saunders, Nicola Holiday, Chris Tuddy and Brett Cropley, Boxcutters is a weekly look at the world of television.

Created in 2005 by Josh, Brett and Ross McQueen, Boxcutters exists to fulfill a very important need: Television deserves respect.

At a time when TV is producing better storylines, better drama and better comedy than any other form of entertainment (we’re talking about you, Movies) there needs to be an outlet for independent discussion about the medium. Boxcutters is that outlet.

Every week Boxcutters will bring news about the world of television, reviews, interviews and opinions (and a lot of love).

About the Boxcutters

  • Marian Blythe – Digital media expert, radio presenter, supernerd, rock chick. The girl to take home for Christmas if you want to shock your family.
  • Dave Lawson – Funny guy, cricket guy, runs his own show in the shed, available for music video cameos.
  • Steele Saunders – Host of his own podcast – I Love Green Guide Letters – and lover of Jerry the persian.
  • Chris Tuddy – Not quite angry, not quite old, definitely a man, opinions are his own and he’s very happy to share them.
  • Nicola Holiday – Fact checker, fact finder, re-iterator of facts. General television and smile enthusiast.
  • Brett Cropley – Old-school, swoon-inducing Host with the Most. He’s BEEN Brett Cropley, he’s currently BEING Brett Cropley, and he’ll probably continue to BE Brett Cropley in the foreseeable future. He produced Film Buffs’ Forecast on 3RRR until 2005. His technical expertise helps to bring Boxcutters to the internet. He also runs All Media and is a Digital Producer extraordinaire.

The Boxcutters that went before

  • Josh Kinal was TV commentator for Inpress and more recently for Radio National Breakfast with Fran Kelly. He also presented “This Day in History” on Triple J’s Breakfast with Adam and Wil. He is a Founder and the Production Chief at the web production factory, Soupgiant.
  • John Richards is the the co-writer and director of the internationally acclaimed short film, Outland and in addition he writes the blog for the Outland Institute.


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Brett Cropley
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Boxcutters,

    Matt Boxcutter here. Got home last night, a few beers and a dodgy souvlaki short of my usual self and decided that I would tune into ‘Quizmania’ on Network Eddie. Well…imagine my surprise when I saw that yes…it was Quizmania…but no…there was no quiz. A glitch in the Netwrok Eddie phone system meant that the hosts (two women, who i have never seen before…and after last night…may never see again) had to ‘improvise’ for an hour or so. We were ‘treated’ to speculation about Jessica Simpson’s sexual proclivity…a race between one of the girls (on a trolley pushed by the floor manager) and a monkey (on a trolley pusehd by one of the camera people)…enquiries about the wellness of the crew…a discussion about John English looking like a Panda…and a lot of sunglasses on…sunglasses off…pained banter. I’m not sure if Eddie was watching, but the girls were just about to read out a joke email (yes…it had come to that) when they both grabbed their ear pieces…apologised…and said to stay tuned for some Drew Carey. Drew Carey followed…then another ten minutes of trying to get the phones to work…and then back to Drew Carey. The best late night entertainment that any of the three networks is liekly to put on for some time, and thoroughly enjoyable. Who would have thought that those quiz shows are actually better without the quiz element?



  2. Anonymous says:

    youse all rock

  3. I like that now we have proof that people in the year 2006 were already saying “youse”.