Sons of Anarchy live at ACMI

Come and see Josh Kinal host a night of motorcycles, guns and hospital-related drama with the ever intelligent Clementine Ford and Andrew Murfett discussing the ins and outs of Sons of Anarchy.

It’s another ACMI Live in the Studio session and tickets are available now.

We will have no patch wars but Josh might have some Boxcutters iron-on patches to give away if you want to start your own MC.

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  1. Really good this week guys. My dad was the former head of Cinecamera at the ABC (which was rissonpeble for News Current Affairs and Documentaries) So that discussion struck a bit of a nostalgic nerve. The Bill Henson thing was also a good discussion. Being a photographer and someone who really likes the way Henson uses light (and someone who teaches media studies) I am glad you raised the topic with a bit of thought. All in all a good show.

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