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Sometimes we need to tell you about what’s happening with the podcast or just our site in general. That’s what you’ll find in “Announcements”.

Boxcutters 2.0: A New Dawn

Things have been progressing very interestingly in the Boxcutters kitchen and I think we’ve got some new dishes you’re going to like.

There are going to be new ways to interact with Boxcutters, new hosts and contributors to meet, new segments, new events, new voices and the legendary video podcast.

So you guys can follow along at home, one of our innovations concerns our show reviews – each episode we’ll have an announcement of the upcoming review that you can get up to speed with and let us know what you think. To kick it off, this week we’re reviewing the ABC1 tent pole drama, The Time of Our Lives. All the episodes are up on iView so if you haven’t been keeping up it’s all there for your viewing pleasure – or otherwise.

Sunday marks Boxcutters’ official 8th birthday so it’s fitting we are recording this Monday night at 7pm. Check back here or check in with us on the social media – over at Twitter @BoxcuttersCast and Facebook /Boxcutters – for more details on how to take part in the new Boxcutters and we’ll see you there.

What the new Boxcutters means.

Almost everyone is going. A whole bunch of brand new people are coming.

This is an exciting time for Boxcutters. It’s our first ever gritty re-boot.

As you already know, Josh is leaving, Brett is staying and John has already left.

Glenn is leaving. Courteney is leaving. Ben is leaving. Dave is probably leaving but may also pop back from time to time.

Brett is pulling together an exciting team of pundits, aficionados and all-round fun people to be around.

Episode 350 will mark the end of an era for a show that we have loved putting together for the last 8 years. Episode 351 will be the start of a new era.

Television needs new opinions to keep it exciting and interesting. New teams need time and patience to get their flow and we hope you’ll flow with them, give them a helping hand when they need it, and let them gently into your ears.

You’ll find the rest of us in podcasts around the place. We’ll let you know where we go.

Episode 346 is delayed

Sorry to say that this week’s episode won’t be available until next week when we actually record it.

Meanwhile, have a listen to an old episode and think about the good times.

This is a picture of the plane I was on when we should have been recording.

It’s all my fault. Sorry.


Live: When TV Goes Wrong

Originally titled “When TV Goes Mad”, this is a live show at ACMI as part of their excellent “Live In the Studio” sessions.

John and Josh will present a trip through television that tried to correct itself by taking the most extreme measures possible.

It’s going to be a lot of fun and you just might learn a thing or two before we’re done.

We promise a lot of discussion about Chances and maybe something else.

Date: 7pm, Thursday 30 August
Location: Studio 1 at ACMI
Cost: Full $15, Concession $12, ACMI Members $11 CHEAP

Buy tickets now

Hey look! Courteney Hocking wrote a great piece in the Age about how commercial radio sucks and podcasting is ace.

For those who want a bit of titillation, she does mention her (well-trained) breasts and a whole bunch of (metaphorical) cocks.

Otherwise it’s just a great read and you should be doing that of this.

Mike liked to say things like “I don’t feel like we really got the money shot” and “we want pure cream comments” and when he was illustrating a point, he would use examples like, “say your grandma is f—king a donkey”.

Read more about what Courteney reckons at the Age website. (We promise there is no autoplaying video on this page)

Sons of Anarchy live at ACMI

Come and see Josh Kinal host a night of motorcycles, guns and hospital-related drama with the ever intelligent Clementine Ford and Andrew Murfett discussing the ins and outs of Sons of Anarchy.

It’s another ACMI Live in the Studio session and tickets are available now.

We will have no patch wars but Josh might have some Boxcutters iron-on patches to give away if you want to start your own MC.

Help us get to South by Southwest

South by Southwest (SXSW) is the largest interactive media gathering in the world. Last year almost 20,000 people attended.

This year they have chosen Boxcutters to present a live version of our podcast to a room full of people who might never have heard of us before.

This is huge.

We’re really excited to have been invited and we’re looking forward to showing the world how great Australian podcasting can be. Also, the number of interviews we’ll be able to conduct at SXSW to bring you more unique perspectives on television is enormous. Everyone wins.

But we need your help. We have to make our own way over to Austin, Texas and it’s expensive to get 3 people over there.

All we ask is a little bit of help to cover some of our costs. We will deal with accommodation and meals, etcetera, but the airfares alone come to close to $6,000.

We just need $4500 and we can take care of the rest.

We set up a project on Pozible, the Australian crowdfunding site, to help us get there. You can pledge at

The great thing about Pozible is that you only spend the money if we reach our target. The other great thing is that there are rewards for donating.

You’ll always be able to come back here and see how we’re doing.

Thanks for your support. This is definitely going to make for a wonderful Boxcutters 2012.

Update: Crumpler Comes On Board

The very generous people at Crumpler have given us some of their high-quality and much sought-after bags to add to our reward schwag.

The Crumpler SoupanSalad (RRP $155) can fit a whole bunch of stuff including sandwiches and puppies. In Boxcutters speak, you could probably fit 2 roast chickens in it easily.

Because of Crumpler’s generosity and the great value of this bag, we’re now able to offer it as a complete bargain $100+ reward.

You can put your Boxcutters iron-on patch or metal badge right there on the bag. There’s a zip-up pocket into which you can put your postcard from Austin.

Q: How much would you love this bag?
A: A lot.

Q: What do you need to do to get one?
A: Pledge to donate $100 or more to our Pozible project.

Dave Lawson’s Chat Show

Our very own Dave Lawson has just completed the first series of his new late night chat show.

It’s called Dave’s Shed Show and it’s the thing that will make him too big for Boxcutters.

In case you missed the first episode, we’ve included it for you here:

See Toby Halligan’s New Comedy Show

Tonight, at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, our very own Toby Halligan presents his brand new stand-up comedy show.

It’s like a whole 55 minutes of Trotters about his life and Australian politics, with heaps of jokes and LIVE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS.

If you missed Toby’s hit debut solo season at MICF earlier this year, don’t miss this for two reasons: 1) It’s potentially 10% cheaper than the Comedy Festival show* and 2) The Baillieu govt might make it retrospectively compulsory so it’s best to be on the safe side.

Two for one offers are available for the 23rd September and 1st October! CHEAP!

Here’s some details:
Fringe Hub – Son of Loft, Lithuanian Club
44 Errol St
North Melbourne

9.00pm, Sun 8.00pm (55min)

Full Price: $ 18.00
Concession: $ 14.00
Tuesday: $ 14.00
Group: $ 14.00 (per person for 4 people)

*compared to Friday and Saturday nights.

Changes to the Schedule

So our little whoopsie last week posed some questions at Boxcutters HQ. We’ve decided to install some extra precautions into our processes.

As a result, the next few episodes of the Boxcutters podcast will be released on Tuesday afternoon after we scan them for gremlins and make it sound even better.

Again, we’re sorry to mess with your Tuesday morning commute, but just think how much more tasty Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning is going to be.

Really, it’s going to be great. You’ll thank us for it.