Boxcutters 2.0: A New Dawn

Things have been progressing very interestingly in the Boxcutters kitchen and I think we’ve got some new dishes you’re going to like.

There are going to be new ways to interact with Boxcutters, new hosts and contributors to meet, new segments, new events, new voices and the legendary video podcast.

So you guys can follow along at home, one of our innovations concerns our show reviews – each episode we’ll have an announcement of the upcoming review that you can get up to speed with and let us know what you think. To kick it off, this week we’re reviewing the ABC1 tent pole drama, The Time of Our Lives. All the episodes are up on iView so if you haven’t been keeping up it’s all there for your viewing pleasure – or otherwise.

Sunday marks Boxcutters’ official 8th birthday so it’s fitting we are recording this Monday night at 7pm. Check back here or check in with us on the social media – over at Twitter @BoxcuttersCast and Facebook /Boxcutters – for more details on how to take part in the new Boxcutters and we’ll see you there.


  1. Josh Kinal says:

    You know it’s not a video podcast if it’s just a live feed, right?

    **trolling for the lolling**

  2. Late update: Due to family illness, we’re actually recording this week on Tuesday night.

    Stay tuned to Facebook, Twitter and for more news as it comes to hand.

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