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Ep 300: Kyle Killen, Live in Texas

We went all the way to Texas and recorded a show live at SXSW Interactive.

Kyle Killen is the creator of the new NBC drama Awake. He took time out of his weekend to sit with us and talk about what it takes to make a series in the US and why it seems so difficult to make something good.

Awake airs 9:30pm, April 11 on W in Australia.

Did we mention it’s our 300th episode? As you’d expect, there are some very special guest appearances on this show as well.

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Ep 297: Texting and Twitter

This week we look at a new development in television. It’s part of the whole grammar of drama thing and it’s a fascinating discussion that we don’t want to spoil for you (although the title of the episode will give it away, maybe).

Then, following up from last week’s discussion of ABC’s special set-top box that recreates a Twitter-like experience on your television, we chat to John about how he feels about potential distractions and enhancements to the TV watching experience.

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Help us get to South by Southwest

South by Southwest (SXSW) is the largest interactive media gathering in the world. Last year almost 20,000 people attended.

This year they have chosen Boxcutters to present a live version of our podcast to a room full of people who might never have heard of us before.

This is huge.

We’re really excited to have been invited and we’re looking forward to showing the world how great Australian podcasting can be. Also, the number of interviews we’ll be able to conduct at SXSW to bring you more unique perspectives on television is enormous. Everyone wins.

But we need your help. We have to make our own way over to Austin, Texas and it’s expensive to get 3 people over there.

All we ask is a little bit of help to cover some of our costs. We will deal with accommodation and meals, etcetera, but the airfares alone come to close to $6,000.

We just need $4500 and we can take care of the rest.

We set up a project on Pozible, the Australian crowdfunding site, to help us get there. You can pledge at http://boxcutters.pozible.com.

The great thing about Pozible is that you only spend the money if we reach our target. The other great thing is that there are rewards for donating.

You’ll always be able to come back here and see how we’re doing.

Thanks for your support. This is definitely going to make for a wonderful Boxcutters 2012.

Update: Crumpler Comes On Board

The very generous people at Crumpler have given us some of their high-quality and much sought-after bags to add to our reward schwag.

The Crumpler SoupanSalad (RRP $155) can fit a whole bunch of stuff including sandwiches and puppies. In Boxcutters speak, you could probably fit 2 roast chickens in it easily.

Because of Crumpler’s generosity and the great value of this bag, we’re now able to offer it as a complete bargain $100+ reward.

You can put your Boxcutters iron-on patch or metal badge right there on the bag. There’s a zip-up pocket into which you can put your postcard from Austin.

Q: How much would you love this bag?
A: A lot.

Q: What do you need to do to get one?
A: Pledge to donate $100 or more to our Pozible project.