Ep 297: Texting and Twitter

This week we look at a new development in television. It’s part of the whole grammar of drama thing and it’s a fascinating discussion that we don’t want to spoil for you (although the title of the episode will give it away, maybe).

Then, following up from last week’s discussion of ABC’s special set-top box that recreates a Twitter-like experience on your television, we chat to John about how he feels about potential distractions and enhancements to the TV watching experience.

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One Thing

  • Boxcutters Episode 300: Sunday 11 March, 12:30pm at Driskill Hotel in Austin
  • Outland: Wednesday 9:30pm ABC1

Tweeting while Watching

Here’s an article from the New York Times that relates to the discussion on tweets and other social media while watching TV shows.


  1. I’m so glad you guys raised the topic of how txt messages are represented on television! There are so many variations and a large majority of them are incredibly clunky and ugly and Sherlock’s innovative (perhaps) method was such a relief that someone actually took the time to think about it. One example of a high quality show that displays text messages terribly is Dexter. Across all brand and models, everyone has the same God-awful blue screen with HUGE white text. It surprises me that, if they need a unique, non-branded screen, why their design boffins can’t come up with something that doesn’t look like a D-grade design school project.

    Keep up the great work guys with both the podcasts and Outland. 🙂


  2. Related to the concept of additional text appearing on the screen during scripted programming – the ABC network in the US aired “pop-up LOST” repeats from series 4 onwards which would pop in information about how various moments locked into the wider mythology – basically, a cliffs notes for dummies approach. It was quite handy if you found yourself missing a few episodes, though…

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