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John Richards has been to Sydney to present Outland at Input, an international public television conference.

Also, the New York Times says that homosexuality is a lot more acceptable on television than it was 10 years ago. We try to see if that’s true the world over.

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Ep 297: Texting and Twitter

This week we look at a new development in television. It’s part of the whole grammar of drama thing and it’s a fascinating discussion that we don’t want to spoil for you (although the title of the episode will give it away, maybe).

Then, following up from last week’s discussion of ABC’s special set-top box that recreates a Twitter-like experience on your television, we chat to John about how he feels about potential distractions and enhancements to the TV watching experience.

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Ep 293: Paul Ireland, Excess Baggage

It’s guestarama this week with Nelly Thomas in to talk about Excess Baggage and how it compares to The Biggest Loser.

Paul Ireland talks to us about being a young actor in The Bill and an older actor in Outland.

There’s One Thing and Pork and News and what else do you need to know?

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Ep 291: Toby Truslove from Outland

Toby Truslove is an actor. You’ll know him from Laid and the soon to premier Outland. He talks to us about the plight of the Australian actor and what he looks for in a role.

There’s a whole heap of news and some great Trotters thanks to Toby Halligan.

Don’t forget there are still Crumpler bags and other rewards up for grabs by supporting our SXSW efforts on Pozible.

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Ep 284: Fresh Meat

We review a new comedy / drama from Channel 4 in the UK. It’s called Fresh Meat and it caused some controversy in the Boxcutters studio.

John Richards is cohost and he tells us tales of his journey to Seattle where Outland premiered.

We finally get around to your letters and Toby Halligan brings us some fascinating and frightening news from China.

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Outland Wins Award

Congratulations to John Richards and Adam Richard. Their TV series, Outland, which is still waiting to air in Australia, just won an award at the 16th Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, where it had its international premier.

According to BellevueBusinessJournal.com:

Audience Award — Special Recognition: OUTLAND

In addition to rave reviews from audiences, the two-night run of the Australian TV series OUTLAND scored some of the highest votes in the festival.

We’ll hear all about the international response to Outland next week on the show.

Image from Where’s Outland.