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Ep 298: Menage a Teev

Till Death Do Us Part, All in the Family and Kingswood Country were all the same show in three different nations. We take a look at the similarities between them and try to work out what they say about the different countries at the times they were made.

There’s an I Don’t Buy It and a discussion on Sherlock.

John was sick when he recorded the bits that we weren’t there for, so please excuse his raspy tones.

We’re sorry for the delay on getting this episode to you. Really. It turns out that Austin is quite the town for distractions and slow internet connections. Or no internet connection at all.

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Ep 297: Texting and Twitter

This week we look at a new development in television. It’s part of the whole grammar of drama thing and it’s a fascinating discussion that we don’t want to spoil for you (although the title of the episode will give it away, maybe).

Then, following up from last week’s discussion of ABC’s special set-top box that recreates a Twitter-like experience on your television, we chat to John about how he feels about potential distractions and enhancements to the TV watching experience.

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Ep 294: Frank Woodley, Spiral vs The Killing

Frank Woodley comes in to talk to us about doing physical comedy on Australian television and how it really hasn’t been done before. He has a new show starting on ABC1 on Wednesday 22 Feb.

Then, Glenn Peters has seen two foreign language series, Spiral and The Killing. He sets them head to head in the BoxcuttersDome.

There’s a great Letter to Boxcutters from a famous person who’s been on the tele.

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