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Ep 294: Frank Woodley, Spiral vs The Killing

Frank Woodley comes in to talk to us about doing physical comedy on Australian television and how it really hasn’t been done before. He has a new show starting on ABC1 on Wednesday 22 Feb.

Then, Glenn Peters has seen two foreign language series, Spiral and The Killing. He sets them head to head in the BoxcuttersDome.

There’s a great Letter to Boxcutters from a famous person who’s been on the tele.

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Ep 256: ACMA Chair Chris Chapman, Emma Magenta

Phillipa Finch

ACMA Chair, Chris Chapman, talks to us about the crazy things that those whacky regulators at the Communications and Media Authority get up to. He also goes into the details behind last week’s controversial David Campbell / Channel 7 decision.

Then we talk to author and artist turned TV animation writer/director, Emma Magenta. Her new show starts on ABC1 on Tuesday night at 10pm. It’s called The Gradual Demise of Phillipa Finch. It’s a two minute cartoon for grown-ups.

Toby Halligan is our co-host this week. He has a Melbourne International Comedy Festival show coming up. Also, you can read some of the funny stuff he writes.

This week’s question is the same as last week’s: Are you coming to our exciting event at ACMI? Let us know by email.

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Ep 250: Rake, Dr Janet Hall

Rake on TVHere’s the thing. We did 250 episodes of this show. This is episode 250 but we did our 250th a while ago so here’s one we did this week?

Did you follow that? Well, can you follow a whole review of the new ABC show, Rake? I’m sure you can.

Also, Toby Halligan starts us off on our look at the specifics of how television affects us as actual humans in his interview with Dr Janet Hall, following up her piece in news.com.au last week.

Courteney Hocking is our very special guest cohost because she’s just wonderful.

Don’t forget about being a part of John Richard’s Outland finale shoot this Friday.

This week’s question: Have you listened to all 250 episodes of Boxcutters? Is this actually the 250th? Send us an email..

Spring Break with John Safran

This week we’re taking a little hiatus. A few weeks ago Josh recorded an interview with John Safran about his new show John Safran’s Race Relations. Here’s the interview in full.

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This week: Peter Lane, former Chairman of Channel 31 in Melbourne talks to us about the state of community television in the move to digital; producer Sue Taylor sets our mind at ease about 3 Acts of Murder; and we discuss movies about TV shows from a horrible future where we can only enjoy watching people die.

Also we have the answer to last week’s quiz and a whole bunch of news (and a rant about the whole Chaser thing).

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