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Ep 275: Suits

We take a look at the US series Suits which begins airing on Seven this week.

Also, we take the opportunity, with the chatty Dave Lawson as our cohost, to talk about our television watching habits and the effects our friends have on us.

[audio:http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/media.boxcutters.net/BCep275.mp3|titles=Episode 275|artists=Boxcutters]

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Ep 259: The Chicago Code

ChicCodeYou want in-depth and slightly waffly discussions about what makes good television? You have come to the right place. Dave Lawson joins us as regular co-host, a role he will share with John and Courteney from now on.

We review the new show from Shaun Ryan, the creator of the Shield, The Chicago Code.

If you want more there’s some Pork, some Crap TV, some dumb anecdotes that should never have gone to air and a bunch of other stuff that is probably not work mentioning like breathing and stuff.

Breathe with this:

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Ep 257: Conviction Kitchen’s Vital

Conviction Kitchen Screenshot
Courteney Hocking sits in the co-host chair to talk to Jean-Vital Syverin, the sous chef from Conviction Kitchen.

We take a look at the new sketch comedy from the Independent Film Channel in the US, Portlandia.

Toby Halligan’s Trotters brings us home and there’s the week’s TV news and what you should watch this week.

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Ep 256: ACMA Chair Chris Chapman, Emma Magenta

Phillipa Finch

ACMA Chair, Chris Chapman, talks to us about the crazy things that those whacky regulators at the Communications and Media Authority get up to. He also goes into the details behind last week’s controversial David Campbell / Channel 7 decision.

Then we talk to author and artist turned TV animation writer/director, Emma Magenta. Her new show starts on ABC1 on Tuesday night at 10pm. It’s called The Gradual Demise of Phillipa Finch. It’s a two minute cartoon for grown-ups.

Toby Halligan is our co-host this week. He has a Melbourne International Comedy Festival show coming up. Also, you can read some of the funny stuff he writes.

This week’s question is the same as last week’s: Are you coming to our exciting event at ACMI? Let us know by email.

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Ep 255: Harry’s Law, James Talia

Harrys law cast edit
The wonderfully talented and outrageously charming Dave Lawson joins us as cohost.

We discuss recent news coverage and the secret lives of journalists with James Talia.

Also we review Harry’s Law, the new David E Kelley drama.

Expect, as well, the usual fare of news and pork with trotters.

Smell the audio treats:

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Ep 250: Rake, Dr Janet Hall

Rake on TVHere’s the thing. We did 250 episodes of this show. This is episode 250 but we did our 250th a while ago so here’s one we did this week?

Did you follow that? Well, can you follow a whole review of the new ABC show, Rake? I’m sure you can.

Also, Toby Halligan starts us off on our look at the specifics of how television affects us as actual humans in his interview with Dr Janet Hall, following up her piece in news.com.au last week.

Courteney Hocking is our very special guest cohost because she’s just wonderful.

Don’t forget about being a part of John Richard’s Outland finale shoot this Friday.

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Ep 240: The Greatest TV Characters of All Time

kbell.jpgYes, the rumours are true. Boxcutters has been around for five years. You’d think we’d have quit by now but no, we are very bad at learning lessons.

To celebrate our podcast longevity we give you a gift. In fact we give you the greatest gift. We reveal to you, in this very episode, the Greatest TV Characters of All Time. We go through the official and final, no correspondence will be entered into, top 10 with its pros and cons and put in our two cents’ worth.

To everybody who came to the Boxcutters vs Dr Who writers panel at AussieCon, you all get a special mention.

There’s a bunch of news, we read out some letters and mix it up with some pork.

Episode 240: my brain hurts a lot.

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blackcopwhitecopTo top off what has already been a really busy week full of too much information, we bring in Claire Hooper from Good News Week to talk about the election night coverage.

Remember the extreme game show / early reality series The Mole? Well, Brooke Marshall was the winner of series 2 of that show and she comes in to give us a bit of a 10 year retrospective on what reality was like back then.

There’s a whole bunch of news and some pork as well so get into it.

We might not have a government but we do have episode 238 of Boxcutters.

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Supernatural (2005 – current)

Two brothers wage a war on evil, fuelled by their loved ones taken from them prematurely and the legacy left to them by their father.

Wow. So dramatic? Already? On the one hand, that really is Supernatural in a nutshell. It is an ultimate battle against demons, wraiths, succubi, ghosts and, yes, the occasional vampire. It is what I like to call “conflict with a capital K (for Killing)”. It is pure drama.

With all those other-worldly baddies, though, it’s also a perfect opportunity for some nail-biting, pillow-clutching horror. Very rarely have we had a chance to see good horror on television. There have been attempts but, really, since the early demise of American Gothic in 1996, nothing has come close.

So we’ve got the drama and we’ve got the scares. There’s a rule of three in storytelling and the third thing here is comedy. The comedy is mild, wry and sometimes relies on knowledge of the characters and their history. That’s not a bad thing. Instead of the comedy being a draw card to the series, it’s more like a prize for long-term viewers.

There is so much to love in Supernatural, it’s hard to imagine why it’s not one of the more popular shows on TV. While it’s a great show to watch, it’s possibly a hard show to sell. It doesn’t have the novelty factor of something like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Channel 7 kept spinning that around the schedule until it found a home amongst the insomniac university students who kept it alive in a late-night slot.

1970s and 80s heavy-metal ballads, muscle cars, leather jackets and scowling faces on the backdrop of the American mid-west does not really make for appealing teaser production from an Australian point of view. It’s not about police and it’s not about lawyers or set in a hospital. In fact, on a surface level it’s not about anything that a new audience can identify with.

What it is about, though, is good old-fashioned horror, action and thrills. It’s a comic book on the screen. Heroes save people in peril and sometimes get into peril themselves. In that sense it’s predictable. But so what? Every now and then we need a little escapism. We need adventure and we need good guys kicking bad guys’ arses. Supernatural gives us that but with a style and sense of Americana unlike anything we’ve seen.

Supernatural started the year after Lost and the year before Heroes. It really should appeal to audiences of both and especially those who loved the former but found the latter lacking in any substance. Unlike Heroes, it tells a big story by focusing on a small portion of it. It builds suspense rather than forcing mystery and disseminates information as required rather than creating artificial and soulless reveals.

Mostly, though, it’s fun and intelligent entertainment. Supernatural is exactly the kind of escapism we should be inviting into our homes.

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James Talia joins us to discuss the recent controversy over Channel 7 news and the former NSW Minister for Transport.

We review this year’s Eurovision coverage and the Lost finale.

And we look at the recent shows we’ve reviewed and see how they match up against the Bechdel Test.

All that and more. Just listen.

Don’t forget to let us know about your list of the greatest TV characters of all time.

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