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blackcopwhitecopTo top off what has already been a really busy week full of too much information, we bring in Claire Hooper from Good News Week to talk about the election night coverage.

Remember the extreme game show / early reality series The Mole? Well, Brooke Marshall was the winner of series 2 of that show and she comes in to give us a bit of a 10 year retrospective on what reality was like back then.

There’s a whole bunch of news and some pork as well so get into it.

We might not have a government but we do have episode 238 of Boxcutters.

Send us an email about all the things we asked you to this week.

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Ep 232: 7pm Project, Al Swearengen

al-swearengen.pngThis week Rob Brearley, Creative Producer with Roving Enterprises, talks to us about his work with the 7pm Project.

In our continuing look at the Greatest TV Characters of All Time, the excellent Lawrence Mooney joins us to talk about Al Swearengen.

There’s a new quiz question with another DVD box set to win.

Don’t forget you only have until COB Wednesday 14 July to let us know about your list of the greatest TV characters of all time.

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