Ep 232: 7pm Project, Al Swearengen

al-swearengen.pngThis week Rob Brearley, Creative Producer with Roving Enterprises, talks to us about his work with the 7pm Project.

In our continuing look at the Greatest TV Characters of All Time, the excellent Lawrence Mooney joins us to talk about Al Swearengen.

There’s a new quiz question with another DVD box set to win.

Don’t forget you only have until COB Wednesday 14 July to let us know about your list of the greatest TV characters of all time.

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  1. Alex Boxcutter says:

    Watch Hulu without Brett's special fancy.
    I haven't tried it but it looks plausible.


  2. Nice, I'm downloading this

  3. Sorry but that's crap about Bolt and Price being on The 7 PM Project to provide a range of views. Bolt is famously a nutbar but Price is off the radar: in the week that Gillard overthrew Rudd he labelled her 'anti-marriage' and 'anti-children.' There is no excuse for giving air time to a revolting creep like that.

    Monday Night Negus is the closest thing 7 PM has to a 'leftie,' and he's not even that. At best he's a moderate. If Rob genuinely wanted to provide a range of views (and not just drum up cheap sensationalism to inflate ratings) there'd be some actual counterpoint to Monday Night Negus. You'd have to go to David Marr or Robert Manne or Catherine Deveny to correctly balance the Bolt/Price nutbar collective, and to be honest they're not even far enough to the left. Maybe dig up the corpse of Kim il-Sung.

    The alternative to that is to balance Monday Night Negus with someone like Malcolm Farr or Neil Mitchell. People who represent the right but are not offensive lunatics.

  4. Lyndal Boxcutter says:

    Follow up question for Rob Brearley. You mentioned the “three hosts” a couple of times, what happened to the other two? The show launched as a panel of five hosts – how and when was the decision made to disappear Ruby Rose and James Mathison?

  5. actualchad says:

    With the deadline fast approaching, here is A list, probably not THE list, but SOME list.

    1 The Doctor (Doctor Who)
    2 Sue Sylvester (Glee)
    3 Roy Mallard (People Like Us)
    4 Giles (Buffy)
    5 Brian (Queer As Folk US)
    6 Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks)
    7 Sheldon (Big Bang Theory)
    8 Abby (NCIS)
    9 Chandler Bing (Friends)
    10 Michael Bluth (Arrested Development)

  6. Nelly Thomas says:

    I know I shouldn't play favourites, and so many of you have put in an incredible amount of effort with this, but I have to mention a recent BC Top Ten list that I just adore. It's from Sid and includes:

    – Anne Shirley (from the Anne of Green Gables TV adaptations) and,
    – Brooke from The Bold and the Beautiful

    Brooke from Bolds is one of the greatest soap characters of all time (second only to Sally Spectra). And Anne of Green Gables! How wonderful to be reminded of her. She was a feisty female lead when it was very rare.

    Thanks Sid, you put a smile on my face with those.

    (And yes, I sought Sid's permission before I published this).

    Top Ten coming soon…


  7. Katie Purvis says:

    Re your mention of Anne Shirley, Nelly – yes, a great character, but she's a literary character for me, not a TV character. Ditto for, say, Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice – another great TV character as played by Jennifer Ehle in the famous BBC production, but originally a literary one. I chose my list based on characters CREATED FOR TV only. I think that distinction should be made.

  8. Nelly Thomas says:

    Yes, I know what you mean but we have allowed Boxcutters to define the parameters themselves as long as it was a fictional character who appeared as part of a TV series. It won't have any effect on the Top Ten anyway as Anne only has one champion in Sid, but I really did love her! Thanks, Nelly

  9. Speaking of 'Sid' – how did I ever forget Sid James from “Bless this House” – Aaargh; damn you boxcutters, 10 names just aren't enough…

  10. Not sure if its been mentioned…. Boxcutters named in todays Green Guide. “Trawling for the best pod stars” http://tinyurl.com/2f5ygtu

  11. Some great lines in this ep, guys (I only just finished listening to it): “Wide-on”, “Dennis Committee”, “Is Fozzie Jewish?” – “No…he’s a bear…”
    All gold.

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