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Boxcutters recommends: This is Modern Living

From Boxcutters founding co-host, Josh Kinal, comes a new podcast: This is Modern Living. This is the pre-release episode where Josh explains what it’s all about and tantalises you with what’s to come. This new show will be about the place where humanity and technology meet.

The first full length show is currently in production so have this taste and visit for more.

[audio:|titles=This is Modern Living: zeroPointOne|artists=Josh Kinal]

(BTW Boxcutters WILL be back soon so stay tuned.)

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Ep 364: Les Revenants (The Returned)

Things get a little bit Frenchy/Sexy this episode as Lauren Rosewarne joins us for a review of the spooky Canal+ show, Les Revenants (The Returned).

Then we go back in time, through the Boxcutters vault, for a review that has turned into a Things You May Have Missed as we revisit January 2008 for a chat about Peep Show with Josh Kinal, Ross McQueen and Brett.

And you can check out Marian‘s All My Crushes after the jump or avoid the spoilers and just listen to it unfold on the show.

Hit the play button                                                    NOW.

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Ep 363: The Wrong Mans

This week we take a look at the thriller/comedy from the BBC, The Wrong Mans, created by and starring James Corden and Mathew Baynton.

Brett brings us an I Don’t Buy It or two – something a little on the freaky side… If you want to see them, check the show notes below.

Along with that, there’s some Crushes and What to Watch and some chatter about what our co-hosts are getting up to away from the studio (there’s some details about that in the notes as well).

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Ep 362: Lucas Testro & True Detective

It may not be strictly all about TV but it’s a big one and it’s full of entertainment. And it’s all dediKated.

We have a rollicking time talking to writer/director, Lucas Testro about his work on quality Australian TV and also touch on his podcast, NonCanonical. It’s a fantastic show and you should all listen to it after you’ve finished this.

True Detective goes under the microscope this week. It’s from HBO and stars Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey.

With Crushes and Letters and What to Watch, this is one massive episode of Boxcutters to kick off 2014.

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Ep 361: Hello Ladies

Don’t call it a christmas show or even an end-of-year wrap up – we will be touching on that in our next episode – but another hard and fast Boxcutters episode.

We have a bit of a tussle over the polarising Stephen Merchant US comedy on HBO, Hello Ladies.

Tuddy give us some Angry Old Man action. Marian reaches back into the past for her All My Crushes segment.

And Dave reminds us that kids say the darnedest things.

Get into it because it’s the last of 2013 and we’ve got some big plans coming your way.

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Ep 360: Hostages

It’s a hard and fast episode of Boxcutters this week.

Steele Saunders is back as we take a look at the Toni Collette/Dylan McDermott series, Hostages.

We’ve got a rant from our Angry Old Man for the good of the country. Marian‘s All My Crushes is a rather Doctor influenced affair.

And there’s fascinating tidbits sprinkled liberally throughout.

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Ep 359: Masters of Sex & Lauren Rosewarne

We have a very smart-sexy Boxcutters for you this week after our short hiatus (sorry about the delay).

Masters of Sex comes into the lab and goes under the microscope, fully wired up with a loom of response sensors. We’ve been going over the data and have some results to report.

Dr Lauren Rosewarne is a political scientist who writes, researches and comments on sexuality, gender, feminism, the media, pop culture, public policy and politics and she is also joining us to talk about the representation of sex in TV shows of today.

Add to that the Crushes and Letters and What to Watch and this is one pretty packed episode of Boxcutters so sit back and relax and let us stimulate you.

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Hey you guys. Steele Saunders joins the team on Boxcutters as we take a look at Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

There’s a self referential rant from our Angry Old Man. A bit of local colour fills Marian‘s All My Crushes.

And we talk a little bit about some Green Guide Letters.

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Ep 357: The Blacklist

In this Dave Lawson filled episode of Boxcutters we take a look at the new James Spader starring, thriller series, The Blacklist.

The Angry Old Man has a rant about suspension of disbelief, amongst other things. Marian‘s All My Crushes are exposed and Dave has some conspiracy theories regarding a certain .org

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Ep 356: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This episode of Boxcutters feels like we went to the hairdresser and they were a little over-exuberant… it feels a little short is what I’m saying.

We’ve got some surprising views on our reviewed show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, with Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher.

Our Angry Old Man has some barely contained rage, Marian defends and adjusts All My Crushes and we’re making a call on some Crap TV.

All of that and more awaits you in this episode of Boxcutters – PLUS there’s eye candy for everyone past the jump below.

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