Ep 358: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. & Steele Saunders

Hey you guys. Steele Saunders joins the team on Boxcutters as we take a look at Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

There’s a self referential rant from our Angry Old Man. A bit of local colour fills Marian‘s All My Crushes.

And we talk a little bit about some Green Guide Letters.

[audio:http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/media.boxcutters.net/BCep358.mp3|titles=Episode 358|artists=Boxcutters]


Check out more of Steele at the I ? Green Guide Letters podcast which you can also subscribe to directly in iTunes. Also there’s Comedy at Spleen on Monday nights and Public Bar Comedy on Wednesday nights.

What to Watch:

All Marian's Crushes of the week

All Marian’s Crushes of the week

Marian: Redfern Now – Thursday 8:30 – ABC1
Brett: Generation Kill – Monday 11:45 – ABC2
Steele: Comedy Bang Bang – 10:45 Monday – SBS 2
Nicola: Fish Warrior – 7:30 Thursday – SBS 2
Tuddy: Big Brother – Channel 9


We’re taking Melbourne Cup week off so we’ll be back the week after.

Check out Peaky Blinders and send us your thoughts before 7pm Tuesday 12/11 (AEDST), when we will be reviewing it.


All Marian's Crushes of the week

All Marian’s Crushes of the week


  1. Paul Boxcutter (aka Bolden) says:

    Hey, what’s happening, no Ep this week?

  2. Paul Boxcutter (aka Bolden) says:

    Hey, what’s happening, no new Ep this week?

  3. Hey Paul, Sorry about that… things got a bit out of hand last week.

    The wait for 360 should not be anywhere near as long.

  4. Iann Boxcutter has beaten me to the punch, but I’m still aiddng my 2c worth:It’s interesting that even folk as tech-erudite as your good selves just don’t seem to get’ TiVo. [Aside: I really wish the phrase ‘ad-skipping function’ could be wiped off the face of the communal consciousness. This is just a complete irrelevance in any debate about pros/cons of TiVo. That IS something your old VCR does. I’ve been happily avoiding ads since about 1981…]I’ve also been a member of the OzTiVo community, with a pair of modified US TiVos, and boy, is TiVo NOT just the same as a VCR. Hard to know where to start, but how about twin HD digital tuners? No, better yet, let’s start with having a screen that has recordings labelled sensibly; no pile of un-labelled or mis-labelled tapes to FF & RW back & forth, back & forth, to find the show you want.Then move on to buffered recording, so when you get home 15 minutes after that favourite show started, you just start watching it from the beginning ( skipping through the commercials , he added through gritted teeth). Then there’s pausing live TV to answer the phone, or just rewinding a few seconds if you missed something. Setting the machine to record remotely, over the web. Which VCRs do that?Telling the machine to record some program every week ( Boston Legal’, eg), so when it gets shifted from 9.30 to 10.30 from 1 week to the next, no problem, the machine just deals with it.Here is the real killer app’ of DVR’s, by the way. Those 3 magical letters: EPG. Electronic Program Guide. The real problem in selling’ TiVo is that nobody really gets how much this means, until you’ve lived with it. (Kinda like no cut/paste on the iPhone .)As you no doubt suspect, I could go on & on, about the simple effectiveness of TiVo’s user interface, or the intelligent FF/RW functions which only TiVo seems to have, the great remote control, etc etc, but I’ll desist.What I find bewildering is the squealing about the proposed cost of TiVo. Josh, for one, seems to find Foxtel IQ an essential of life, but my understanding is that you can’t buy one of those at any price. One signs up to an endless monthly subscription, and as soon as you stop paying, you lose access to the service AND stored recordings. Correct me if I’m wrong. So running an IQ for a few years costs how much? (On top of the $40 plus per month you have to spend just to get the crappy basic Foxtel package.)I agree that about $500 would be a better price point for TiVo, but factor in the EPG, which is going to be free in Oz, and I think $700 is not unreasonable. To get twin digital tuners, I currently use a couple of Windows Media Centres, which I built myself for well north of $700 each, and use IceTV as my EPG source, which costs $99 per year. Every year. $700 for twin digital tuners, great user interface, stable-as-Dwayne Johnson software (TiVo runs Linux), AND free EPG?A bargain, mate..PS. Must also mention end-padding’ TiVo can be set to start recording before the scheduled time (eg by 5 mins) and to stop recording after the scheduled end-time (eg 30mins). Gotta be better than G-Code recording.

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