Ep 360: Hostages

It’s a hard and fast episode of Boxcutters this week.

Steele Saunders is back as we take a look at the Toni Collette/Dylan McDermott series, Hostages.

We’ve got a rant from our Angry Old Man for the good of the country. Marian‘s All My Crushes is a rather Doctor influenced affair.

And there’s fascinating tidbits sprinkled liberally throughout.

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All Marian's Crushes of the week

All Marian’s Crushes of the week

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What to Watch:

Marian: Moody Christmas – Wednesday 10pm – ABC1
Brett: Funny As… Ricky Gervais – Saturday 9:30 – ABC2
Steele: Warwick Moss’ The Extraordinary – YouTube
Nicola: The Outlaw Michael Howe – ABC iView
Tuddy: Bill Bailey’s Jungle Hero – Wallace In Borneo – SBS1 – 8:30 Wednesday

We’re back in the studio on Monday when we’ll be taking a look at Stephen Merchant’s new US series, Hello Ladies. Thoughts on a postcard or through the Contact page before 7pm Monday 9/12 (AEDST), when we will be reviewing it.


All Marian's Crushes of the week

All Marian’s Crushes of the week


  1. David Boxcutter says:

    Can you get the audio levels and mic technique fixed? I’m going to have an accident one day fiddling with the car stereo’s volume knob.

    Brett has a bad habit of starting out a sentence loud and trailing off into a mumble. But it’s not only that, different presenters seem to be set at different levels, and they are possibly using the microphones at varying distances.

    Anyway, upshot is, if I set the volume so I can understand what’s being said during the mumbling, I then get blasted in the ear by someone coming in loud and shrill – and vice versa if I set the volume for the loud parts.

  2. Thanks David for the feedback. We’ll try to adjust it… I can use compression but I find it makes the hotter bits sound a bit crunchy…

  3. Trudy Boxcutter says:

    Dear Boxcutters, 
    Compiling this list of my top 10 fave shows for the year has really brought home to me what great pickings there are. Fingers crossed for 2014.
    – Orange is the New Black: funny, surprising, entertaining, moving at times. A strong platform for a range of storylines. And I know blokey blokes who really liked it too. 
    – The Fall: the soon-to-be Christian Grey (read hot) as psycho serial killer. Invokes confusion between attraction and repulsion. 
    – Rectify: Fell in love with Aden Young the first time I saw him 20 plus years ago, then wondered what happened to him. Now, here he is – a class act worth the wait. The final scene provokes a re-evaluation of all that came before it. Hurry up season 2!
    – House of Cards: Even with Kevin Spacey’s eating of the scenery, this was a great ride. I want to be Claire Underwood when I grow up. 
    – intervention. Missing it already (:
    – Girls: see my comments under episode Ep 331.
    – Dracula: worthy of a mention because, finally, a commercial network (NBC) is doing something a bit daring and special. And I’m a sucker for a vampire tale :). 
    – The Fades: a friend told me to check this out when ABC aired it this year (it was made in 2011). The first episode is confusing, but once things become more clear, it’s a really enjoyable ride. Original and addictive.
    – Breaking Bad: and it all comes to this. Better to burn out than fade away. Let’s not worry about how Walt put the ricin in the stevia packet or get hung up on how much older Jessie looks in the retrospective scenes. Overall, it was a satisfying finale (cf Dexter).
    In the Flesh: a story about love and acceptance in the guise of a zombie tale. Has stayed with me.
    Honourable mentions: The Americans, Game of Thrones, Project Runway(s), The Face (Naomi Campbell is hilarious), Sons of Anarchy, Boardwalk Empire, Time of our Lives, Ray Donovan. 
    Most overrated: Broadchurch
    Most disappointing: Dexter. WTF? Shame, I had loved this show and wanted a more sensible and satisfying ending. 
    Looking forward to Boxcutters 2.0 in 2014. Happy New Year xx

  4. What am I missing about Kevin Spacey’ eating the scenery’?

    Love your picks.. I’m going to check out The Fades.

    And I loved Broadchurch! I didn’t know much about it when I saw it.. so I guess it wasn’t overhyped….
    I thought the advertising campaign was interesting and obviously paid off.

    And Aden young masturbating to The Drones was PRETTY SURREAL AND INTENSE! yikes.

    Nicola Holiday

  5. Trudy Boxcutter says:

    Hey Nicola

    Didn’t you think that Kevin Spacey was soooo over the top? He’s spent several years in the theatre in London, in recent times, and I think he forgot he was shooting a TV show not acting in a play. I found it distracting.

    I loved UK detective drama and I thought Broadchurch was relatively run of the mill. I guessed who dun it before the show revelation, which shouldn’t happen! I also thought it was too slow.

    Yes, Aden Young does intense very well. I think the interplay between his innocent, wide-eyed side and his hardened-on-death-row side, mixed in with his base instincts, really fascinating. Loved that show.

  6. AHHH!! gotcha. Thanks for explaining Trudy. I do think Spacey was over the top..You explain it really well.
    I am filling in the gaps with ‘Fresh Meat’ and ‘Pulling’ at the moment which are light and funny!

    Is Spooks one of your favourite? it’s mine!

    • Trudy Boxcutter says:

      Totes love Spooks. The first two seasons of Luther were great. The third not so much. Wire in the Blood was awesome. Waking the Dead was really good. There are many seasons of Poirot from throughout the years, and they are all great. Morse is excellent. Daziel and Pascoe was good. Foyle’s War is terrific. I don’t even mind a bit of Midsummer Murders. OMG I am such a TV tragic!

  7. Trudy Boxcutter says:

    Sorry, it’s Dalziel not Daziel and Midsomer not Midsummer. Xx

  8. Marian = sexy podcast voice!

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