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Ep 320: Revolution, Bechdel Test

There is so much to talk about that we struggle to fit it all into one episode.

We review the new show from NBC in the US (and it appears on Fox 8 in Australia), Revolution. The second "o" is supposed to be an on/off symbol but that’s too hard to do.

Also, we look through all the TV shows we’ve dealt with this year, so far, and see how they stack up in the Bechdel Test.

There are a few surprises as well so listen carefully.

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Ep 312: John Clarke

John Clarke is, without hyperbole, one of the most important figures in Australian TV comedy.

His latest project was a documentary series about Australia’s great sporting history called Sporting Nation, which appeared on ABC1 as a lead-up to the Olympics to which the ABC doesn’t have rights.

He tells us all about The Games, Farnarkelling, and how he manages to get TV shows to actually go to air.

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Ep 310: Myf Warhurst’s Nice

Myf Warhurst is famous from the television. That’s why we’re speaking to her. She has a new show called Nice and it’s kind of like her first solo album. We speak to her about the emotional journey.

And we look at the ridiculousness of FTA commercial news in Raywatch.

There are some great letters to Boxcutters, too.

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Ep 299: Marieke Hardy, Comedy Festival

Marieke Hardy teaches us all about finishing a series with a cliffhanger and how it has nothing to do with tricking the network into a second series.

Courteney Hocking looks at the difference between the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in real life and how it’s portrayed on television.

In news we discuss Mark Scott’s direction to ABC reporters and how Foxtel is merging with Austar and what it means for nothing.

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We talk to Penny Chapman, the producer of the new ABC1 series, The Straits. There’s a review of Grimm vs Once Upon a Time and a Raywatch about Channel 9’s coverage of Australia Day protests.

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Ep 291: Toby Truslove from Outland

Toby Truslove is an actor. You’ll know him from Laid and the soon to premier Outland. He talks to us about the plight of the Australian actor and what he looks for in a role.

There’s a whole heap of news and some great Trotters thanks to Toby Halligan.

Don’t forget there are still Crumpler bags and other rewards up for grabs by supporting our SXSW efforts on Pozible.

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Ep 281: At Home With Julia

Rick Kalowski is the executive producer and one of the three writer/creators of At Home With Julia. We spoke to him about the controversy the show caused but also look at the intentions and decisions behind making the show itself.

Glenn Peters is in the co-host seat and we talk about the Boxcutters Rule of Three and question its validity. That segment may also constitute a review of Hart of Dixie, although I wouldn’t bank on it.

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Ep 277: twentysomething

Jess Harris and Josh Schmidt are the creators and stars of the new ABC2 comedy, twentysomething. This is a show they previously filmed for Channel 31 in Melbourne with almost no budget. Now the ABC has remade it, kind of.

Courteney Hocking is our co-host and she tells us how she watches TV with more updates from listeners.

Josh gives us his first impressions of life with Fetch TV.

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Ep 276: cloudstreet

Is cloudstreet the best television drama creation to come out of Australia or is it just another example of our reliance on nostalgia and bush magic to avoid truly reflecting our culture?

It’s quite possible that we answer that question in this week’s episode and there’s only one way to find out.

Also, John went to ACMI to (s)talk David & Margaret. He made a recording of his (s)talking and shares it with us.
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Senate enquiry into ABC cuts

Federal Senator, Nick Xenephon, wants the Environment and Communications References Committee to investigate the recent cuts to production announced by the ABC.

According to the Australian, the Committee is to report back by 12 October 2012.

Meanwhile, the ABC itself reports on the situation with the following par:

Earlier this month Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said he wanted answers from the national broadcaster’s managing director, Mark Scott, over the decision to axe the The New Inventors [sic]and Art Nation.

(Source: ABC News)

There is an issue here about how much influence any government can have over the ABC and where the line of that influence is drawn. Are specific matters of programming and the axing of shows smaller issues than a government should concern itself with? What about when it comes to regional jobs?