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Ep 299: Marieke Hardy, Comedy Festival

Marieke Hardy teaches us all about finishing a series with a cliffhanger and how it has nothing to do with tricking the network into a second series.

Courteney Hocking looks at the difference between the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in real life and how it’s portrayed on television.

In news we discuss Mark Scott’s direction to ABC reporters and how Foxtel is merging with Austar and what it means for nothing.

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Ep 281: At Home With Julia

Rick Kalowski is the executive producer and one of the three writer/creators of At Home With Julia. We spoke to him about the controversy the show caused but also look at the intentions and decisions behind making the show itself.

Glenn Peters is in the co-host seat and we talk about the Boxcutters Rule of Three and question its validity. That segment may also constitute a review of Hart of Dixie, although I wouldn’t bank on it.

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