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Ep 325: Marngrook Footy Show

In news that is sure to raise many more questions about ratings and the ABC’s responsibility to the community, The Marngrook Footy Show was axed this week. We interview executive producer Grant Hansen about the future of what is arguably the best sports show on television.

Also, Brett has some more juicy bits from The Vault and there are some Letters to Boxcutters.

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Ep 323: Arrow, Kate Pappas & Ben Eriksen

It’s always exciting to have new TV makers in the studio and Kate Pappas and Ben Eriksen are the perfect people to be excited about. They’ve made a doco called Future Radicals that appears on ABC 2 as part of the Opening Shot series.

Then there’s a review of Arrow and we try to help you work out if you’ll like it or if you will do something else.

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Ep 299: Marieke Hardy, Comedy Festival

Marieke Hardy teaches us all about finishing a series with a cliffhanger and how it has nothing to do with tricking the network into a second series.

Courteney Hocking looks at the difference between the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in real life and how it’s portrayed on television.

In news we discuss Mark Scott’s direction to ABC reporters and how Foxtel is merging with Austar and what it means for nothing.

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Ep 280: The Bazura Project

You’ve heard us talk about the Bazura Project. Maybe you saw their show on Channel 31. Maybe you remember when we last had Lee Zachariah and Shannon Marinko on the show back in 2009. Well, now you get to hear all about how they got to do their own show on ABC2 and maybe finally be in contention for a Logie.

In further investigation of How We Watch, John went into a cinema to watch some Doctor Who.

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Ep 277: twentysomething

Jess Harris and Josh Schmidt are the creators and stars of the new ABC2 comedy, twentysomething. This is a show they previously filmed for Channel 31 in Melbourne with almost no budget. Now the ABC has remade it, kind of.

Courteney Hocking is our co-host and she tells us how she watches TV with more updates from listeners.

Josh gives us his first impressions of life with Fetch TV.

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