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Ep 289: Boss, Lee Zachariah

We’re back from our Summer Holidays and ready to wow you with a review of the new Kelsey Grammer TV show, Boss. We don’t think we’re going too far by saying it’s the best review we’ve ever done!*

Also, marvel at Lee Zachariah’s excellent knowledge of film makers who have crossed over into television.

There’s also a taste of what to expect from this year on Boxcutters

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Ep 288: The Light Side of 2011

Whether you’re celebrating the first night of Chanukah or just counting down the days ’til Chinese New Year, have we got an episode for you.
Almost everybody crams into the studio to talk about the television highlights of 2011.

We’re not concentrating on the bad stuff. We do that all year ’round. Nope, this is just the stuff we enjoyed so maybe you can enjoy it too.

It’s hopefully less messy than our previous end of year shows, but who knows?

Sit back and listen to Dave Lawson, John Richards, Glenn Peters, Brett Cropley and me talk until we get bored and go home.

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Ep 280: The Bazura Project

You’ve heard us talk about the Bazura Project. Maybe you saw their show on Channel 31. Maybe you remember when we last had Lee Zachariah and Shannon Marinko on the show back in 2009. Well, now you get to hear all about how they got to do their own show on ABC2 and maybe finally be in contention for a Logie.

In further investigation of How We Watch, John went into a cinema to watch some Doctor Who.

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