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Ep 288: The Light Side of 2011

Whether you’re celebrating the first night of Chanukah or just counting down the days ’til Chinese New Year, have we got an episode for you.
Almost everybody crams into the studio to talk about the television highlights of 2011.

We’re not concentrating on the bad stuff. We do that all year ’round. Nope, this is just the stuff we enjoyed so maybe you can enjoy it too.

It’s hopefully less messy than our previous end of year shows, but who knows?

Sit back and listen to Dave Lawson, John Richards, Glenn Peters, Brett Cropley and me talk until we get bored and go home.

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Ep 269: Making SciFi TV for Adults

Most of this episode of Boxcutters was recorded live at Continuum 2011 on 11 June.

John and Josh wanted to investigate the reasons behind Australia makes so much acclaimed television science fiction and fantasy for children but never attempts to do anything for families or adults.

Sitting on the panel were: Chris Gist, ABC Commissioning Editor in Melbourne;
Philip Dalkin, writer on Sea Patrol and Stingers, amongst others; David Napier, director of K9; and Mark Shirrefs, co-creator of Spellbinder and The Girl from Tomorrow.

It’s an interesting conversation about budgets, audiences, networks and risk taking.

The goose drank wine:

Want to tell us about some outrageous thing we said but shouldn’t have on the show? Go ahead and send us an email.

Photo courtesy of Nalini Haynes, editor of Dark Matter

Thanks to David Ashton.

Part of this episode was recorded at Outland Studios (John’s Loungeroom).