Ep 281: At Home With Julia

Rick Kalowski is the executive producer and one of the three writer/creators of At Home With Julia. We spoke to him about the controversy the show caused but also look at the intentions and decisions behind making the show itself.

Glenn Peters is in the co-host seat and we talk about the Boxcutters Rule of Three and question its validity. That segment may also constitute a review of Hart of Dixie, although I wouldn’t bank on it.

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One Thing

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  1. David Boxcutter says:

    I agree with Brett(!) about the first episode of At Home with Julia. It didn’t really do anything for me, and it felt like the show was just going to be all about bashing non-traditional relationships and gender roles.

    What I mainly took away from it was the bashing of the First Dude for being a cuckold, not a real man, pussy-whipped. Which seemed like a pretty cheap joke straight off of 3AW. The sweetness didn’t come through until later episodes. The dinner with Bob Katter and the independents was a redeeming feature, but I was not left hungry to see another episode.

    I was initially interested enough to watch the first episode as it aired, but only watched the remaining three via download after the season had finished. The second episode made me want to keep watching, and the third and fourth were the ones I really enjoyed.

    Still, this doesn’t vindicate the rule of three, which I don’t think even applies to this situation. In the typical US production model, this would translate as the rule of 7 or 9.

  2. Paul Boxcutter says:

    I thought the rule of 3 chat was interesting, considering the position that Josh took, maybe I remember history wrong, but didn’t Josh always lament that networks wouldn’t let shows grow and find an audience and just rip them off the air? Is this any different?

    Granted, you Boxcutters do take one for the team and watch a whole lot more stuff so we don’t have to watch the crap stuff, but I rely on you guys providing your reviews by that rule…..

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