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Ep 320: Revolution, Bechdel Test

There is so much to talk about that we struggle to fit it all into one episode.

We review the new show from NBC in the US (and it appears on Fox 8 in Australia), Revolution. The second "o" is supposed to be an on/off symbol but that’s too hard to do.

Also, we look through all the TV shows we’ve dealt with this year, so far, and see how they stack up in the Bechdel Test.

There are a few surprises as well so listen carefully.

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Ep 300: Kyle Killen, Live in Texas

We went all the way to Texas and recorded a show live at SXSW Interactive.

Kyle Killen is the creator of the new NBC drama Awake. He took time out of his weekend to sit with us and talk about what it takes to make a series in the US and why it seems so difficult to make something good.

Awake airs 9:30pm, April 11 on W in Australia.

Did we mention it’s our 300th episode? As you’d expect, there are some very special guest appearances on this show as well.

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We talk to Penny Chapman, the producer of the new ABC1 series, The Straits. There’s a review of Grimm vs Once Upon a Time and a Raywatch about Channel 9’s coverage of Australia Day protests.

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Ep 255: Harry’s Law, James Talia

Harrys law cast edit
The wonderfully talented and outrageously charming Dave Lawson joins us as cohost.

We discuss recent news coverage and the secret lives of journalists with James Talia.

Also we review Harry’s Law, the new David E Kelley drama.

Expect, as well, the usual fare of news and pork with trotters.

Smell the audio treats:

This week’s question: Are you coming to our exciting event at ACMI? Let us know by email.

Oh yes. We’re back, and we’ve prepared for your listening pleasure the greatest 70 minutes of television related discussion OF ALL TIME.

Nelly Thomas joins us at the start of the show to prove that she is not just John putting on a funny voice.

Then we discuss Men of a Certain Age, a new drama starring and co-created by Ray Romano.

Also there’s an I Don’t Buy It and some other stuff.


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Community is a new show from NBC in the US about people in community college that is a lot better than it sounds.

Also, John talks about a BBC telemovie called Micro Men.

Hungry Beast could be better.

And, Kim Dalton should resign.

Find out why:

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In a move that shows that TV networks might actually, finally, understand the way the world works, this was reported in the New York Times:

NBC Universal, acknowledging that viewers are increasingly moving away from traditional television viewing, announced plans today for a service that will make popular NBC programs available to download free to personal computers and other devices.

Then again, it says that the files will expire after seven days which means there’s some kind of ridiculous DRM present.
What do you think? Will this be another horrible failure? Has anybody been following the iTunes store debacle?

NBC to Offer a Free Video Download Service (NYTimes)