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Oh yes. We’re back, and we’ve prepared for your listening pleasure the greatest 70 minutes of television related discussion OF ALL TIME.

Nelly Thomas joins us at the start of the show to prove that she is not just John putting on a funny voice.

Then we discuss Men of a Certain Age, a new drama starring and co-created by Ray Romano.

Also there’s an I Don’t Buy It and some other stuff.


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Boxcutters Welcomes Nelly Thomas

We’re very excited to welcome Nelly Thomas to the regular Boxcutters team.

Long-term listeners might remember Nelly from her co-hosting duties on episodes 130 and 137.

Joining us fortnightly, Nelly will bring her wonderful experience in all matter of media, her unabashed love of good television and excellent comedic sensibility to Boxcutters.

She will alternate with John Richards, whose many other commitments have forced him into fortnightly hiding lest he incur the wrath of the government broadcaster.

It’s an exciting new time for Boxcutters. We return this Monday with all new insights into the world of television. Nelly starts her Boxcutter tenure on 25th January.