Ep 255: Harry’s Law, James Talia

Harrys law cast edit
The wonderfully talented and outrageously charming Dave Lawson joins us as cohost.

We discuss recent news coverage and the secret lives of journalists with James Talia.

Also we review Harry’s Law, the new David E Kelley drama.

Expect, as well, the usual fare of news and pork with trotters.

Smell the audio treats:

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  1. David Boxcutter says:

    Unbelievably, I almost agree with Brett. Not so much about the “disaster porn” stuff, but more about what the point is of sending reporters into a natural disaster like a cyclone.

    Reporting from a war zone or protest is different – there are so many stories to tell, and often people don’t know what’s going on. People have things to say, and are being silenced. But in a cyclone, we know exactly what happens. The wind blows stuff around and destroys things. What is the point of being there when it happens? We aren’t going to learn anything new from it. Much better to report on the aftermath and how much damage was done.

    The other problem I have with it is the public safety message it sends. Authorities (and not the nasty journalist-killing kind, the “we’re looking out for you” kind) are trying to get people out of the area for their own protection. But these journalists are sending the message that it’s OK to ignore that, and just head on in.

    For what? What are we going to discover from footage of a cyclone wreaking havoc? That the scientists are wrong, and a cyclone actually farts magical pixie dust and rainbows rather than death and destruction?

  2. MurrayNE says:

    Is it wrong that when Josh said “Larry Hagman is almost…”, I mentally prefinished the sentence with “dead”?

  3. MurrayNE says:

    Wow, looking at Wikipedia, I realise that I am stupid enough to have never put together “Larry Hagman: J.R. Ewing” with “(guy whose name I didn’t know): the master on “I Dream Of Jeannie”.

  4. Paul Boxcutter says:

    “It’s not hard to out-logic Cropley”

    JT made my day!

  5. Re: The QI/Top Gear controversys.


    First off, comparing these two issues is apples and oranges. Q.I. was a misconstrued light discussion about an historical event. Fry apologized for the misunderstanding, all done. On the other hand, Top Gear was 3 rich idiots making racist jokes about minorities, who then gave what was about as thin an ‘apology’ as one can do without giggling throughout. They went went on in the next episode to do the same thing again to a different country.

    Re: Harry’s Law – I am now fully advocating that the U.S. adopt an Olympic style bidding process where U.S. cities can vie verey four years to be the setting for a David E. Kelly Law Dramedy. I’m pushing for Delaware Small Claims in 2015.

    # Changed over 130 globes in the new place in the last two days including 11 one one floor alone. Not one single complaint

  6. Note to self: check what you’re cutting and pasting from your twitter feed.

  7. David Boxcutter says:

    But making fun of people different than you is funny!

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