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Ep 310: Myf Warhurst’s Nice

Myf Warhurst is famous from the television. That’s why we’re speaking to her. She has a new show called Nice and it’s kind of like her first solo album. We speak to her about the emotional journey.

And we look at the ridiculousness of FTA commercial news in Raywatch.

There are some great letters to Boxcutters, too.

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Ep 255: Harry’s Law, James Talia

Harrys law cast edit
The wonderfully talented and outrageously charming Dave Lawson joins us as cohost.

We discuss recent news coverage and the secret lives of journalists with James Talia.

Also we review Harry’s Law, the new David E Kelley drama.

Expect, as well, the usual fare of news and pork with trotters.

Smell the audio treats:

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Ep 225: Treme, Survivor, Ray Watch


Treme is the new David Simon drama on HBO. We review it for your listening pleasure.

Also, by request, Nelly does a run down of the latest season of Survivor in anticipation of tomorrow night’s finale.

Brett discusses some bad reporting in Ray Watch.

Hey you. Come and celebrate the wonder of the Eurovision Song Contest with Boxcutters.

Also you can tell us stuff: by email or on the SMS us on 0458 288 837 (0458 CUTTER).

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Episode 209: Nazeem Hussain, Ben McNair

Comedian Nazeem Hussain joins us in the studio to talk about how dark people, Muslims and immigrants in general are portrayed on Australian television.

Then Ben McNair from Channel 7 News sits down for a chat about Haiti, Black Saturday, the ABC’s 24-hour news channel and Kevin Rudd.

It’s jam-packed information from start to finish.

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In our last episode for the year we look back at the year with some of our regulars. Wilbur Wilde talks about Hey Hey It’s Saturday‘s return, James Talia looks back at the year’s news and Tom Elliott talks more about the death of television.

It’s some interesting conversation and some messy amateurs holding it all together.

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James Talia comes in to talk to us about the world of network news and the changes therein. Also, we review the second season of season 2 of Ashes To Ashes and discuss this week’s Eurovision song contest.

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Ep 172: James Talia, bushfires, Dollhouse

James Talia joins us to talk about the way television news covered the Victorian bushfires and we look at the new Joss Whedon show, Dollhouse.

There’s also some letters to Boxcutters and all the news we could fit into the rest of the show. It’s good. Listen to it.

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