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“In the history of network television, no remake of a previous hit series has ever become a hit itself on network television.

“Plenty have been tried… Digging through the files of series past, one could perhaps make an argument for some shows spawned from original hits. Star Trek, of course, gave birth to four separate series, but those were all spinoffs. They were not remakes of the original with the same characters.”

— from Why Studios Keep Cranking Out TV Remakes, Despite the Flops – NYTimes.com

We’ve talked about TeeVeeLand’s inability to come up with solid new concepts for a while on Boxcutters. While this New York Times article doesn’t seem to build anything on what we already know, it’s good to see that the studios and networks are aware that all they’re doing is throwing shit at a flagpole, or something.

It’s also good to see the argument that the only good remake was Battlestar Galactica and that might just be because it was on Sci-Fi (as it was called when it launched), a cable channel that may just have given the creators the freedom they required to make a show on its own merits.

Countless television projects try and fail. It’s the nature of the beast. But the problem with remakes of old TV shows is that there is an inherent lack of understanding about what made it popular in the first place. It’s not just about the characters, the actors or the subject matter, but also what its competition was, how people led their lives and what could they be shown that they have never seen before.

Lee Zachariah and Shannon Marinko from the Bazura Project come in to discuss the controversy surrounding their Logies/TV Week correspondence. We also review the UK series Being Human. Brett doesn’t buy Foxtel Ads and Kerry Armstrong makes a special appearance*.

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* Kerry Armstrong does not actually appear.

Chartbusting 80sJosie Parrelli is our co-host, Australia, You’re Standing In It‘s Rod Quantock is our guest, we review AMC’s new meth-cooking drama Breaking Bad
, Josie talks about reality-based Dancing, John has a rant about BSG, Brett is inscrutable. All this, plus news and pork! You lucky, lucky people…

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    Ep 172: James Talia, bushfires, Dollhouse

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    There’s also some letters to Boxcutters and all the news we could fit into the rest of the show. It’s good. Listen to it.

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    Ep 170: Wil Anderson, Privileged, Letters

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    courtesy of Actual Chad

    courtesy of Actual Chad