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Ep 262: Survivor with Nelly Thomas

It's Probst!

Due to popular demand and direct from her tour of North East Melbourne, Nelly Thomas is back to tell us all about the latest season of Survivor and why it’s still one of the best shows on television.

We talk about some of the new technology involved in broadcasting the Royal Wedding and discuss the changes to AFL broadcast rights.

There are some letters to Boxcutters as well as If You Watch One Thing and Trotters with Toby Halligan

Should we mention Osama bin Laden’s death or Karl’s Gold Logie win just to try to get more hits on Google? What about Cialis, Viagra or girls in *insert your suburb* who want to talk to you now?

Ep 222: Justified, TV Cliches

In the post coital-type bliss of that flamin’ mongrel Alf taking out the gold Logie, Boxcutters gets back to basics with:

  • Our take on the latest offering from non-pejorative basic-cable channel, FX, Justified, starring Timothy Oliyphant in the titular role as Justin Timberlake in a hat;
  • The shooting down of another TV Cliche seen on many many cop dramas;
  • What Daryl’s whingeing about this week;
  • A quick rundown on the winners and loser, the makers and shakers of the 2010 TV Week Logie Awards
  • Some of your Letters to Boxcutters; and
  • One game-changer of a double shot quiz.

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*We had a technical glitch that cut the show off prematurely.
*If you downloaded previously, reset your podcatcher and
*suck it down again.
**Thanks for yr patience.**

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What do you need to know? Important Things with Demitri Martin is a tv show we review. On top of that, some really important news and some less important pork. This week’s quiz is a corker and the prize is a Crumpler Laptop Bag!

Find out more:

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Here are the television Bafta winners.

Lee Zachariah and Shannon Marinko from the Bazura Project come in to discuss the controversy surrounding their Logies/TV Week correspondence. We also review the UK series Being Human. Brett doesn’t buy Foxtel Ads and Kerry Armstrong makes a special appearance*.

You can buy Season 1 of Being Human at Amazon UK.

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* Kerry Armstrong does not actually appear.

Get your very own Silver Logie

You’ve only got about 30 minutes left to own your very own Silver Logie for Best Actress in 1974.

It’s up for auction and currently will only set you back a little over $2,000.

Come on, that has to be worth it.

The Logie was awarded to Bunney Brooke for her role as Flo in Number 96. Bunney died in 2001, aged 81.

Logies Nominations

I doubt we’re going to be able to cover this in much depth on the show this week so here are the nominations for all the categories in the 2007 Logies.

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