Ep 222: Justified, TV Cliches

In the post coital-type bliss of that flamin’ mongrel Alf taking out the gold Logie, Boxcutters gets back to basics with:

  • Our take on the latest offering from non-pejorative basic-cable channel, FX, Justified, starring Timothy Oliyphant in the titular role as Justin Timberlake in a hat;
  • The shooting down of another TV Cliche seen on many many cop dramas;
  • What Daryl’s whingeing about this week;
  • A quick rundown on the winners and loser, the makers and shakers of the 2010 TV Week Logie Awards
  • Some of your Letters to Boxcutters; and
  • One game-changer of a double shot quiz.

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**News Just In**
*The entire episode is now available for download.
*We had a technical glitch that cut the show off prematurely.
*If you downloaded previously, reset your podcatcher and
*suck it down again.
**Thanks for yr patience.**

News of the Week

Boxcutters Present: Eurovision 2010

Australia’s top TV podcast, Boxcutters, invites you to enjoy the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest on the big screen upstairs at Vibe!

Watch the SBS broadcast as we bring a little bit of Oslo to downtown Fitzroy.

Come dressed to represent your favourite Eurovision nation – drinks, bar snacks and Julia-worshipping will be available.


  1. Regarding the resolution of HD TV;

  2. Is this week busted? I've downloaded it three different ways and it always craps out at 53.24.

  3. Apparently the last 20 minutes have fallen off and are loose in the internet somewhere. Brett's been shrug to sub-atomic size and has gone in with sticky-tape so we're hoping it will be up and running properly soon… Apologies!

  4. John, I believe the technical term is I've been Mike TVd and now I have human sized light switch type things that I need to switch on or off at a bit level. Binary editing is hard – I hope it still sounds OK when I finish… Actually, maybe I should chipmunk Josh for the remaining 15 minutes.

    Enough chatter, I've got to get back to switching. Should be up by about 11.

    Posted from my iPhone, which is fine by itself but comes with a really crappy management application bolted to it that is designed to torment the lesser non-Mac-using individual. Screw you, Jobs, and your 100MB point release patches for an app that still hangs like Ned Kelly whenever you sync
    or change folders
    or update a podcast
    or hit a file that has been moved, eventually asking if you want to locate
    or add a new album
    or …. [ad infinitum]

  5. Note the update to the post. The full episode is now available for download. Total running time is 1:16:00.

  6. Lovely, thanks.

  7. Oh GOD, that ticking! I've changed my mind.

    It's interesting that you mention arcs at this point, because this year's Breaking Bad has relied too heavily upon a ludicrous and boring story arc, evidently to disguise the fact that the concept has been fully mined and there's nowhere else to go (cf. Dexter).

    Arcs are killing the simple buzz of television for me. Where arcs have in the past been used to give a show depth, they're rapidly taking on a soap quality, probably at the behest of studio heads who have noticed that Lost maintained an audience for 26 years and now insist that everything has to have a bloody arc.

    Doctor Who's lack of silly emo arcs has been nice to this point, but I sense one coming. Shame Amy is a horribly implausible character.

    Brett: That is one hell of an angst-ridden signature. If it helps, the Mac version is equally pants.

  8. @BBox.

    Hold, on, I have to download the entire ep? Not just the last 20 minutes…. what is this an itunes update? FAIL.

    Thanks for fixing that up, was quite distressing that just as John starts his police siren rendition, the podcast crapped out…. now that's a special skill. Podcast Stopping πŸ˜‰


  9. “Only two kinds of people in the room. People we loathe and people we've never heard of”.

  10. I love how people are treating her sacking like some kind of human rights issue. She said things that don't fit within the projected image of The Age; The Age let her go. Nobody shut down her whole internet presence.

    Also, since when has Twitter been 'not for public consumption?' Unless she forgot to protect her timeline, that's disingenuous bullshit.

  11. I think I'd make an excellent editor for George Lucas. I have no editing skills, but I can utter the phrase 'what the F*(K were/are you thinking?' πŸ˜‰

    Oh, and I did chuckle at the mail from Elonara (sp?), I just couldn't get el-bo out of my head, tickled my funny bone πŸ˜‰ uuugggggghhhhh πŸ˜‰

  12. catbrain says:

    When you mentioned Timothy Olyphant, I could have sworn he was a much older actor. After about 8 hours of occasionally wracking my brain, I realised that I had created an amalgam of Timothy Bottoms and Sir Mark Oliphant. Well, there's an insight into how my head works. I'm guessing it's not the same reason you thought it was a familiar name.

    PS: The original CSI is CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, not CSI: Miami.
    House is rubbish because the plot is always – ALWAYS – mystery illness, treatment, near death, new treatment, saved within the last 5 minutes of the episode. That is all.

  13. catbrain says:

    I tend to think that it started when the movie networks (HBO, Showtime) got involved in making television series, in that their traditional format of movies has a continuing story throughout and that format has carried through to the television series. Also, perhaps, more movie directors getting involved in television (again, used to portraying a story in a long form). There is also the DVD sales to consider, particularly when there has been an explosion in sales of those series with the long-form and more complex arcs.


  15. I am currently out of the office and will return on Monday the 8th of May 2010.

    I will attend to your email upon my return.

    Paul Jackson
    Development Project Manager

    Pronto Software Pty Ltd
    20 Lakeside Drive,
    Burwood East, VIC 3151 Australia
    Phone +61 3 9887 7770 Fax +61 9887 7779

  16. I am currently out of the office and will return on Monday the 8th of May 2010.

    I will attend to your email upon my return.

    Paul Jackson
    Development Project Manager

    Pronto Software Pty Ltd
    20 Lakeside Drive,
    Burwood East, VIC 3151 Australia
    Phone +61 3 9887 7770 Fax +61 9887 7779

  17. Laughing at your <sarcasm> bit. Momentarily forgot I was laughing at work as I was reading it.

  18. Sorry, the WTF was that somehow my work out-of-office reply email repsonded to the email to notify that you'd replied and that posted here. Very odd!

    Oh, but I'm glad you appreciated the sarcasm, I'd been subjected to alot of tweets from you in regards to the itunes updates. (PS. Don't buy a PS3 ;).

  19. In the “blatantly minor corrections” department: During this episode, there's a reference made to the Times Square found-bomb-thing, in which John suggests that it's an attempt to destroy “Cats”, the musical, not the animal.

    Unfortuantely for that joke, “Cats” the musical stopped running in New York about 10 years ago. The theatre that used to host it, the Winter Garden, has hosted Mamma Mia since then. I'm fully aware that amusing jokes cannot be made confusing Mamma Mia with an animal, but still, I'm insisting on accuracy.

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