Ep 223: The Circle and other stories

We don’t even once accidentally call The Circle “the Coven” but that would have been hilarious if we had.

There is a heap of other segments as well and hilarious puns and stuff. Articulate and everything. Listen:

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  • Unfortunately the information we had in the episode is wrong. All the dates were correct but the Lost finale will screen on Channel 7 a couple of days after airing in the US. Not mere hours. From an email sent to media:

    The main event to look out for during this on-air week is the movie-length series finale of LOST on Seven (main channel) from 8.30pm on Wednesday, May 26 – just two and a bit days after it’s US broadcast.

    You can also catch the 2-hr retrospective special LOST: THE FINAL JOURNEY at 12pm that day (on Seven), or at 9.30pm on 7Two the evening prior.


    1. we all complain about the crazy programing decisions made by the networks with regards to our favorite shows. think you can do better?
      a new game is coming out where you manage the programing decisions and produce shows for a network while getting adds and managing demographics. it looks like a lot of fun, a review is up in the latest ep of good game which is up on i viewer at the moment. also their website it here http://www.mud-tv.com/

    2. Holy fuck, Josh! I hope everyone relying on Boxcutters for TV programming info in the US reads the update on the post. If they don't, I think we're gonna have a lot of 'splainin' to do to the Lost fans who miss out on seeing the last ever episode.

      Of course, local listeners relying on our audio TV guide are safe.

      Tristan: You're a real person, yes? No caps, run-on sentences and a URL often gets a comment tagged as spam. I'll check out your link and perhaps get on there and show 'em a thing or two… though I'm not sure how realistic it is to be programming AND selling ad time in the one position. I could explain to the ad sales dept why the programming decisions are wise but I hate the cold calling.

    3. Brett was talking about the excessive product placement in 'Bones'. I found it particularly out of place when they referred to how awesome Avatar was going to be about seven times in a single episode, including a sub-plot where two characters were queueing up to get tickets for a screening. In a cinema.

      On the topic of Toyota product placement in 'Bones', wait until you get to the episode where Angela and Hodgins get ARRESTED while demonstrating how awesome the stay-in-the-lane-guide-jobby in a Prius is.

      I kind of get the impression that there's a competition among the writers to come up with the most insane piece of product placement. The winner gets, like, a slab of coke. And no I'm not talking about the soft drink.

    4. I'm a spam-bot, not just a student with poor grammar.

    5. Hang on, if Tristan says he IS a spam-bot does that mean he ISN'T? Or is it a double-bluff? Oh, I'm so confused…

    6. I think the Turing test just went “Tilt!”

    7. I had a note to mention it but didn't get there: The obviousness of it in Bones is almost at the level of how they do it in 30 Rock, which is about making a complete joke about how ridiculous it can be.

      I still quite enjoyed Happy Days when Fonzie was a teacher and Joanie and Chachi went off and shacked up in their own spinoff love nest, like I am with Bones, but it had definitely lost what made it special before the literal shark jumping.

      I've got some other some other shows that popped into my mind just now that I wonder if there was child based shark-jumping:
      Diff'rent Strokes and Family Ties both seemed to do it with the introduction of tepid little white boys with bowl haircuts and I don't recall the precise incident that turned Helen Hunt into a neurotic, whiny fucktard and destroyed quite a good little comedy in Mad About You but the ads at the time about the 'event television' seemed a little overblown because all it seemed to be was Helen Hunt crying on the floor.

      And it was definitely when that Giblin-eyed blonde humour vacuum got her hooks into Jack from This Life in Coupling. People that unconditionally declare their fondness for that show come under close scrutiny from me as to whether it's worth wasting any more time speaking to them. It's that ones that stand up to the examination that make me really wonder about why it's such a blind-spot. There's a certain dread that hits me whenever I see her in a show and I'm yet to find an instance that doesn't turn out to be shit. Who are the people giving this woman work? Perhaps the strangest thing is that she's not the worst thing about Worst Week.

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