Ep 262: Survivor with Nelly Thomas

It's Probst!

Due to popular demand and direct from her tour of North East Melbourne, Nelly Thomas is back to tell us all about the latest season of Survivor and why it’s still one of the best shows on television.

We talk about some of the new technology involved in broadcasting the Royal Wedding and discuss the changes to AFL broadcast rights.

There are some letters to Boxcutters as well as If You Watch One Thing and Trotters with Toby Halligan

Should we mention Osama bin Laden’s death or Karl’s Gold Logie win just to try to get more hits on Google? What about Cialis, Viagra or girls in *insert your suburb* who want to talk to you now?


  1. “Sans-Seraphim” = comedy gold.

  2. If you’re talking about early cancellations, you need to mention the writer’s strike. How many good shows got screwed by either the early finish or the hiatus.

    Pushing Daisies (The hiatus killed its audience.)
    Day Break (Okay this was more of a “show concept screwing itself” issue)
    The Riches
    Raines (It’s Jeff Goldblum as a homicide detective who imagines he talks to the ghosts of the the victims. )

    I’ve watched all of these seasons more than once.

  3. I watched the bits of the wedding I watched in HD. Sky News HD on Foxtel FTW!

  4. So there was a feed available in HD – given Sky used it – I wonder why none of the HD FTA broadcasters bothered to run with it.
    Also, as it wasn’t a rating week due to the Easter break, there wasn’t any imperative to try and get the biggest audience on the primary channel.
    Obviously Sky News never has to worry about audience share because there’s such a small base number of potential viewers that the monitors around the station would give them enough figures to carry on.

  5. We taped the wedding on our PVR in HD, and given that it was broadcast at a ridiculous time in the morning here because time zones are evil, I do wonder if advertising in between the 46th and 100th meridian was cheaper than in the rest of the world during the broadcast due to the uprise in teenagers and husbands throughout this part of the world shouting at their wives and mothers “F*** off, It’s six in the morning, I’m a republican!”

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