Ep 263: The Trip, American Gothic

The Trip

You want the truth? You can probably handle the truth. But can you handle our review of the BBC2 series, The Trip?

Okay, you can probably handle that. In fact, we recommend that you handle that. We also recommend that you handle our new segment already changing its name. Now it’s called “The Good Die Young” and it’s about shows that were cancelled before their time. This week we discuss American Gothic

Brett gives us a rundown of the the distribution of AFL rights and John mentions Doctor Who at least twice.

Send us your thoughts in the form of an email or some such.

Don’t forget to come to our 2011 Eurovision party.

UPDATE: 10 May

ABC confirms that it has The Trip but is yet to schedule an air date for it.


  1. David Ubergeek says:

    Hey team. Was there a jump-cut edit this week towards the end? The AFL-rights stuff seemed to come in mid-way through another discussion with Brett appearing to answer a question. (which we didn’t hear). I doubt my download is corrupt as it tends to be all-or-nothing with them.

  2. Aaah, Brett you do have a soul! 😉
    That episode of the Office was very well done, so understated that the affect was almost overwhelming.
    I can see myself leaving the show too, I’ll give it a few more episodes, but I’m not convinced it can sustain itself without Carrell.

    Good review of the AFL rights too, funny how allowing foxtel to bid more directly has brought LIVE AFL to FTA.

  3. Daniel B says:

    Game of Thrones review next week maybe? Yes?

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