Ep 264: AFL Rights, Lone Star

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Television is getting a lot more complicated as new technologies come forward. Last week we tried to cover the AFL rights issue but it’s really complicated. That why we brought in the big guns. Lucy Battersby from the Age and Sydney Morning Herald comes in to explain it to us properly.

In the Good Die Young we look at the very short-lived Lone Star.

There are some letters to Boxcutters as well as If You Watch One Thing.

Also, just in case you missed it, we do a brief run down of this year’s Eurovision final.


  1. I have an iPhone with Optus and could watch the Australian Open for free on my phone. The problem was I was so suspicious that I didn’t try it out until mid way through the competition. Optus, giving me something for free?!? I didn’t believe it. I spent ages hunting for the terms and conditions online, trying to find the catch. In the end though, it actually worked. People are so used to telcos ripping them off that when there is actually a good deal to be had, everyone is slow to take it up for fear of being screwed over.

    Also, Eurovision pics please!! I’m so annoyed that I didn’t get to go because of a silly cold 🙁

  2. Tweeted after I watch the pilot –

    Lone Star (2010) : a conman lives a double life, both of them boring.

    None of the cancellations this year are particularly surprising as it was a fairly dull season for new shows. Kind of bummed that No Ordinary Family didn’t make it, as I liked the cast and concept, but it’d pretty much been spinning its wheels plotwise since about ep 4. Chicago Code really was let down by a poor lead choice. It really needed a tough character actor with some star power to pull it through. Imagine Glen Close in the same role.

  3. Well said Clare. I’m so suspicious of telcos I also assume there’s always a hidden catch.

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