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Ep 283: Homeland, Survivor

When Nelly Thomas comes in to talk about Survivor, you know that it’s like a party for your ears, but is she losing faith in her one time bucket of television joy? And what’s with this new fascination with Celebrity Rehab? She explains all.

Also, with Glenn Peters in the co-host seat, we discuss the new Showtime drama, Homeland.

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Ep 262: Survivor with Nelly Thomas

It's Probst!

Due to popular demand and direct from her tour of North East Melbourne, Nelly Thomas is back to tell us all about the latest season of Survivor and why it’s still one of the best shows on television.

We talk about some of the new technology involved in broadcasting the Royal Wedding and discuss the changes to AFL broadcast rights.

There are some letters to Boxcutters as well as If You Watch One Thing and Trotters with Toby Halligan

Should we mention Osama bin Laden’s death or Karl’s Gold Logie win just to try to get more hits on Google? What about Cialis, Viagra or girls in *insert your suburb* who want to talk to you now?

Ep 251: Twin Peaks, Survivor

denisedenis.jpg It’s so good to have Nelly Thomas back in the Nelly chair. We’ve all missed her but now she’s back and full of fight. She brings us a hilarious summary of the current season of Survivor. For the uninitiated, Nelly’s Survivor summaries are probably better than watching the show and it’s pretty damn good show.

Josh (me or I, depending on the context) went to the ACMI Twin Peaks special Live in the Studio. He (I) spoke to members of the audience about what makes Twin Peaks so special. You can read all the tweets from the day as well.

Brett doesn’t buy some bad screen ratio business and Toby Halligan has some very poignant Trotters.

This week’s question: Do you love Twin Peaks? Let us know by email.

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Ep 225: Treme, Survivor, Ray Watch


Treme is the new David Simon drama on HBO. We review it for your listening pleasure.

Also, by request, Nelly does a run down of the latest season of Survivor in anticipation of tomorrow night’s finale.

Brett discusses some bad reporting in Ray Watch.

Hey you. Come and celebrate the wonder of the Eurovision Song Contest with Boxcutters.

Also you can tell us stuff: by email or on the SMS us on 0458 288 837 (0458 CUTTER).

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