Ep 172: James Talia, bushfires, Dollhouse

James Talia joins us to talk about the way television news covered the Victorian bushfires and we look at the new Joss Whedon show, Dollhouse.

There’s also some letters to Boxcutters and all the news we could fit into the rest of the show. It’s good. Listen to it.

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Things we mention:


  1. catbrain says:

    Haven't had a chance to listen to the podcast yet but, noticing the mention of the Freeview parody, I thought these 2 articles from today's Crikey newsletter and one of the Crikey blogs might be of interest:

    Freeview TV: a lesson in how not to market

    Freeview caught out – they DID get the spoof pulled

  2. Darren Boxcutter says:

    The discussion with James was interesting (as always). However I am not sure the use of the word “Story” is a correct when when describing 1 and a half minute news items. I would have thought a Story would have a Beginning, Middle and End.

    PS Have a safe trip Josh. Bring us home some juicy Gos form O.T (Over there).

  3. Plenty to talk about this week (fabulous show) but before I go to bed I have to say this: It's now clear that the producers of BSG have NO IDEA what they're doing.

  4. I?ve listened to the chat with James twice, combined with the intimacy of headphones, this has probably placed an unfair weight on words uttered in a general discussion.

    In general I thought the both the print and electronic media handled the story extremely well; on occasion a journalist or presenter went too far, sometimes they deserved the benefit of the doubt and other times they didn?t.

    When the media did let itself down, it was the errors of those furthest from the story that stood out; promotions department copy that suggested the disaster area was just an exciting backdrop, and, newsroom copy staff putting together lists of ?our great stories over the past week? too soon.

  5. The discussion of Dollhouse reminded me of this:


  6. Hey Peter – not sure how the chat with James was for a casual observer but it was intense in the studio when we were talking about it. I'd kind of forgotten about how I was at the time and that chat brought the feelings all back. For me, listening back, it seemed less full-on than with being able to see James while he was talking about it in the studio but that may have been more about listening while I was driving tonight.

    General tech note on this ep: we did have an SMS sent through talking about some glitches in the recording. there's just two very quick instances over the whole show when it sounds a little like a CD skipping. I'm not sure if this was down to the recording equipment or the MP3 transfer – I'll have to check the original source back at the studio – but it's not too intrusive. When you hear the first one, just be aware that it's not going to be an ongoing problem.

  7. Thanks Brett. I thought maybe you guys were doing a Max Headroom homage or something.

  8. thank you. so much.

    your podcasts have been enriching my trips on public transport for a while now, but this latest one had me in tears on the tram yesterday.

    the entire discussion about the wire, consuming dvd series in a couple of days (cylons on the tram!), and then the hysterical dollhouse review made my day.

    I'm waiting for the fabled episode 'six', I think it's going to suck.

    p.s: The B-More!

  9. ACMA threatens networks with training as punishment for transgressions that hurt actual people, but threatens to fine Whirlpool's ISP $11,000 per day until it removed an abortion link from its site:


    I would dearly love to just run to Canberra and scream at this point.

  10. Facebook User says:

    Great to hear from James again and at such a appropriate juncture. It was always going to be a bit uncomfortable asking questions about such a sensitive subject, but you all handled yourselves really well.
    I was a little surprised to hear that Tony Jones knew Brian Naylor so well, only because he seemed so calm and collected when he made the announcement on-air of Brian Naylor's death… what a consummate professional. Seeing that YouTube clip again made me feel so sad for Peter Hitchener.

    Anyway, on other matters, with regard to K-Rudd's “shit storm”, I did see it and I think it was a genuine slip on his part; however, I also think that Seven would've had a big say about leaving it in – it's their broadcast, after all – and they've always been his # 1 fan since Sunrise.

    Haven't seen it yet, but the premise of Dollhouse of giving the skills to the meat puppets sounds like all skill but no morality to go along with it. Or do their own personalities come out as well?

    Dexter moves to Sunday night after rove… pretty much the same timeslot it had last year. Should've left it where it was.

  11. Facebook User says:

    (How bizarre… This is the first time that a comment has posted to my facebook profile, but now I'm just 'Facebook User'. whatevs.)

  12. Let's send the plate around and buy channel 10, i made 150 bucks on the weekend, that is a controlling interest right?

  13. Let's send the plate around and buy channel 10, i made 150 bucks on the weekend, that is a controlling interest right?

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