Ep 174: Rod Quantock, Josie Parrelli, Breaking Bad, Reality Dancing

Chartbusting 80sJosie Parrelli is our co-host, Australia, You’re Standing In It‘s Rod Quantock is our guest, we review AMC’s new meth-cooking drama Breaking Bad
, Josie talks about reality-based Dancing, John has a rant about BSG, Brett is inscrutable. All this, plus news and pork! You lucky, lucky people…

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    See Rod Quantock Eats Himself at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.


    1. saving this for my usual friday afternoon tram ride, but I am dying to hear it now for the BSG rant.

      I'm going to assume you hated the ending.

    2. The Rod Quantock interview was great. I didn't know Rod wrote the Chunky Custard sketches – it's funny because he's mostly known for the more political/cerebral comedy, but the Chunky Custard sketches were gross-out silly. Although I suppose there was a critique of the advertising industry hiding in there.

      And he wrote for Lift Off! I was the work experience kid on that show for a week (with the camera crew.) Seems like a million years ago now.

      A slight correction to your Harlan Ellison story: He's suing the Star Trek people for millions of dollars, but he's suing the Writer's Guild 'on principle' for a token one dollar for not representing him well enough. Suing his own union! What would Rod say?

    3. John, you will be pummelled into the ground for your views on the BSG finale, but I agree with you 100%. Without spoiling anything, jesus, what a last-minute scramble to make all the loose ends make sense. I really really want to like it (and I am impressed with the sheer effort they put in) but the bad taste is not going away.

      Why is Disqus speaking to me in Danish? Unless 'skriv ny kommentar' is a new kind of lettuce.

    4. Facebook User says:

      Great to hear Queen Josie and Rod Quantock. YAK FAT!

      BTW, the trailer for Where The Wild Things Are has been released – available here

    5. Facebook User says:

      That link's dead – try this one

    6. Facebook User says:

      crap – 3rd time lucky (wish you could delete your own posts…)

    7. Facebook User says:

      That link's dead – try this one

    8. Facebook User says:

      crap – 3rd time lucky (wish you could delete your own posts…)

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