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Ep 307: Lilyhammer, Eurovision

Warning: This one is a bit sweary.

Lilyhammer is a fish-out-of-water story starring Steven Van Zandt as a gangster turned rat. We review the hell out of it.

Then we dissect the coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest and go home.

Josh’s voice sounds like a dying fish and that’s a noise that should be avoided.

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James Talia joins us to discuss the recent controversy over Channel 7 news and the former NSW Minister for Transport.

We review this year’s Eurovision coverage and the Lost finale.

And we look at the recent shows we’ve reviewed and see how they match up against the Bechdel Test.

All that and more. Just listen.

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James Talia comes in to talk to us about the world of network news and the changes therein. Also, we review the second season of season 2 of Ashes To Ashes and discuss this week’s Eurovision song contest.

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