Ep 320: Revolution, Bechdel Test

There is so much to talk about that we struggle to fit it all into one episode.

We review the new show from NBC in the US (and it appears on Fox 8 in Australia), Revolution. The second "o" is supposed to be an on/off symbol but that’s too hard to do.

Also, we look through all the TV shows we’ve dealt with this year, so far, and see how they stack up in the Bechdel Test.

There are a few surprises as well so listen carefully.

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One Thing

  • Baseball Post-season games – Fox Sport and One
  • Black Mirror – Monday 9:30pm, SBS
  • 30 Rock – Thursday 8pm, NBC (that’s in America!)

Some News


20 October 2012

  • Just realised, listening back to this episode, that Jon Favreau only wrote Swingers. Doug Liman, of course, was the director of that film.
    Sorry. —Josh.


  1. Great episode guys, really engrossing! On my normal listening process, I listen in the car, and flick over to the 7:00, 7:30 and sometimes 8:00 🙁 news/traffic on the radio, but this morning, I was so into the episode that I missed them!

    John, whilst I understand your sentiment, I disagree, there is nothing I like more than knowing my x morning commute from suburbia will be spent with Boxcutters, so if it’s going to be Thursdays…. then please make it so.

    Also – the link to Anna’s blog?

    • Josh Kinal says:

      Bolden, I’m not sure who Anna is, but I have now linked to Tracey’s blog and one of Brenna’s projects.

      You’ll see them in the “Some Links” section. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Crap, my memory fails me again, no wonder I couldn’t find it on about.me myself!!


  3. I was willing to go along with the crazy sci-fi premise of Revolution but my heart sank when one character asked why he should help Charlie and she whines “Because we’re faaaamilly.”

    I think the one of the reasons Terra Nova and Falling Skies were such damp squibs is that they were so concentrated on families that the exciting sci-fi premise (dinosaurs! alien invaders!) had no thematic connection with the character conflicts (teenage daughter is dating a guy Dad doesn’t approve of! younger son wants to help with grown-ups!)

    In Lost, for example, the philosophical themes – predestination vs determining your own fate – was reflected in the series premise (magic island seems to be manipulating the characters lives!) and the character conflicts (Locke vs Jack was all about accepting a prepared destiny or fighting against it; Jack vs Sawyer was about working together vs taking for yourself.) So it never feels irrelevant when they are arguing about who controls the medical supplies or whatever because it’s all thematically unified. Whereas Charlie’s abandonment issues in Revolution have nothing to do with the electricity not working.

  4. Glenn Peters says:

    Um. The guy pretending to be Brett Cropley didn’t like a show. Can we have the real Brett back?


    I listened all the way through “places you have strayed” hoping that Brenna would correct your Jon Favreau mistake, only to be denied the enjoyment of an on-podcast Kinal correction.

    I realise this is Brenna’s first time on the correction job, so she may not have noticed that it’s Kinal you have to watch most closely – in the dynamic of boxcutters, he’s the know-it-all to Cropley’s dopey sidekick and Hocking/Richards/Glenns/Josh’s irreverent funster, and therefore must be the one to be brought down a peg. Hopefully Brenna is now ready for further and more involved duties in the difficult area of “Boxcutters accuracy advice”.

    (I’d offer to take on the job myself, but I don’t live in Melbourne, and it’s a long commute just for the pleasure of yelling at Josh “No, you’re wrong!” – which I can do from the comfort of my car anyway)

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