Ep 292: Penny Chapman, Grimm vs Once Upon A Time

We talk to Penny Chapman, the producer of the new ABC1 series, The Straits. There’s a review of Grimm vs Once Upon a Time and a Raywatch about Channel 9’s coverage of Australia Day protests.

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One Thing

  • The Straits: 8:30pm Thursday, ABC1
  • The Office – BBC version: DVD


You can play along at home with these videos:


  1. Another slightly odd point on the Channel 9 subtitles – Gillard clearly says “Where have WE got him?” referring to Abbott’s safety, yet the subtitle makes that “Where have YOU got him?”. It’s only a tiny change, but it alters the meaning – from “I’m concerned about his well-being and feels the need to use my power to protect him” to more of an “us and them” concept. Simple mistake? Tabloid manipulation? I have no idea, but considering the sloppy/sensationalist approach I can’t say it’s not deliberate.

  2. It was interesting to Penny Chapman describe TV as a producer’s medium, as I often hear it described as a writer’s medium. Looking forward to The Straits, though.

    Anyway, here’s some incredibly subtle product placement for you. Can you spot it?

  3. David Boxcutter says:

    Wow, a Raywatch!

    Does this mean we’re going to get a ratings report from the man with a chicken, or possibly a Crap TV sometime soon?

  4. The official “what Josh got wrong this week” (also known as “the reason Toby needs to be googling constnatly to check he hasn’t got anything wrong”…)

    Lana Parilla was indeed on Spin City – however she wasn’t in the series at the beginning as Michael J Fox’s girlfirend – she appeared in the first Charlie Sheen series (series 5). Michael J Fox’s short-lived girlfriend was a reporter played by the much-better known Carla Gugino. Josh’s lack of awareness of Carla Gugino is one of those things that makes me occasinallly want to slap him.

    This has been your official “why Josh needs to be googled constantly” reminder.

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