Ep 293: Paul Ireland, Excess Baggage

It’s guestarama this week with Nelly Thomas in to talk about Excess Baggage and how it compares to The Biggest Loser.

Paul Ireland talks to us about being a young actor in The Bill and an older actor in Outland.

There’s One Thing and Pork and News and what else do you need to know?


One Thing

  • Outland: 9:30pm, Wednesday 8 Feb, 2012 on ABC1
  • Outland: 10:30pm, Thursday 9 Feb, 2012 on ABC2
  • Outland: ABC iView.

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  1. Elliott says:

    HI John/team,

    Have you reached any deal with any NZ networks to show Outland as yet?

  2. Afraid I don’t know, Elliott – ABC Content Sales are responsible for NZ, I believe.

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