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Ep 261: Marc Fennell, Disabled Characters

Marc Fennell - One Hungry BeastWith co-host Courteney Hocking we take you on a magical journey through site, sound and cat noises.

Marc Fennell, star of Hungry Beast and the Circle talks to us about the not so surprise third season of Hungry Beast.

Sophie Geffros gives us an insider’s view of what the whole controversy over non-disabled actors playing disabled characters on TV. She fails to mention Ironside but we don’t hold that against her.

Then there’s Toby Halligan’s Trotters and a whole bunch of news and a wonderful email that will bring tears to your throat, or something.

Eat it with your hands:

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Ep 218: Dan Ilic, Dave Bloustien

This week we talk to Dan Ilic about the ads he created for the VicRoads road-safety campaign. You probably would have seen them referred to because of their controversy.

Also, Dave Bloustien discusses writing for Good News Week and the Glass House.

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Ep 203: Craig McLachlan (really!)

This week we speak at length to Craig McLachlan. He tells us all about Neighbours, the record industry, the wilderness and Alan Dale.

He’s a wonderful guest. Listen to it.

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Community is a new show from NBC in the US about people in community college that is a lot better than it sounds.

Also, John talks about a BBC telemovie called Micro Men.

Hungry Beast could be better.

And, Kim Dalton should resign.

Find out why:

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Ep 198: Beauty plus Geek, Marc Fennell

Corin and Jenna, one of the geeks and one of the beauties from Channel 7’s Beauty and the Geek, join us in the studio to talk about what it’s like to be part of a reality television series.

Marc Fennell, the star of ABCTV’s Hungry Beast is on the phone discussing the controversies around the first episode.

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