Ep 198: Beauty plus Geek, Marc Fennell

Corin and Jenna, one of the geeks and one of the beauties from Channel 7’s Beauty and the Geek, join us in the studio to talk about what it’s like to be part of a reality television series.

Marc Fennell, the star of ABCTV’s Hungry Beast is on the phone discussing the controversies around the first episode.

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If You Watch One Thing

  • Brett: Hungry Beast – ABC1 Wednesday, 9pm
  • John: Ace Of Cakes, Lifestyle Food, Saturday, 9.30
  • Josh: Dancing About Architecture, Channel 31, Thursday 8 Oct

UPDATE: We’ve just received an anonymous SMS.

?It’s a famous quote: “Talking about music is like dancing about architecture” – it’s a music panel show.?

You can find some history on the quote and its various attributions all over the web.


  1. murrayNE says:

    Incidentally, co-fans, if you happen to think of any good podcasts while you are moseying around here, the Podcast Awards' nominations process has recently begun. http://podcastawards.com/

    I find Boxcutters to be both well Produced and Entertainment-ilicious, myself.

  2. murrayNE says:

    Great episode – I liked the Marc Fennell interview in particular. I actually quite liked the mixed nature of Hungry Beast, myself.

    I also like that the title of this episode can be read as calling Marc Fennell a geek.

  3. Worst. Interview. Ever. Like. Seriously.

    Although I'm sure you just did that interview to like show how great your guys like podcast is and stuff and that you like to you know like shows that lack like moral value or interest, it just didn't come off.

    *Brett being a pretty good barometer for me, was interestingly very quiet during that interview.

  4. catbrain says:

    @Bolden I don't think it was the worst interview, but the responses from Corin and Jenna were very repetitive (particularly from Jenna). And when people start talking over each other it gets very messy, and there was a bit of that.

    I'm glad you managed to get them on the show, and I will tune in to Channel 7 to check it out (but probably only for 1 week).

  5. catbrain says:

    Just heard the end of the show with the letter – HA! I wonder if it's the same person who was leaving considered but sweary comments a while back?

  6. I'm sorry you didn't like it, Bolden. We've had a lot of positive feedback about that interview. Although, I'll admit, none from anybody calling themselves “lame@getfucked.com”.

    We hoped to get across information about how aware contestants are about what they're going through with these shows. I haven't had a chance to listen back to the episode so I don't know if we succeeded.

    We hear a lot about manipulation of characters in Reality/Extreme Gameshows but on Boxcutters we've never spoken to anyone who has actually spent several weeks in a house with no outside stimulus.

    If the contestants feel that they have grown and learnt something from the experience, then does it really lack moral value?

    The concept of the show, especially in the US, is largely exploitative. What compels someone to put themselves up for that sort of exploitation?

    I would hope that there is a difference between what the Corin and Jenna said on our show and what they would say on breakfast radio.

    Or maybe I've misunderstood you. Maybe you loved our interview with Corin and Jenna but hated the one with Marc Fennell from Hungry Beast.

  7. That's ok, it's just that that is the first time I've wished for chapters in the podcast so I could skip to the next chapter after about 3 minutes of that interview. I stuck with it in the hope that you'd get where you obviously wanted to go, but sadly (and I guess probably as 'Jade' was in the studio) you didn't.

    I don't think you hit on any of the points above… well, maybe you did ask but they either didn't understand or didn't answer (perhaps quite cleverly) those direct questions.

    No, I actually loved the Marc Fennell interview, did enough to get me interested and set the IQ2 to tape it, we'll see what comes of it.

    @catbrain – I loved the apology for the 6 in the studio… I only heard 3 (and a cracking smell line from Brett! Gold!)

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  9. That was a pretty terrible interview guys; it felt like 20 minutes of 7-sponsored PR.

  10. In other news, this clip is a convincing argument for not bringing back Hey Hey It's Saturday…

  11. murrayNE says:


    I hope that this icky feeling goes away eventually.

    Red Faces always bothered me, but I always have a hard time watching things where people are embarrassing themselves (I could never hack The Office). I do seem to recall off-colour acts occuring with too much regularity too. I actually felt relieved for these guys that they were pretty unrecognisable.

  12. darrenboxcutter says:

    I think that your interview with the Beauty and the Geek was an interesting one. I then watched the show and have yet to find why someone would do the show. Its not as though they lose weight or survive on an Island far away.

    My suggestion is stick with guests and shows that have new ideas or push the envelope.

  13. darrenboxcutter says:

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    2 – Australian Television show offends half the world but cannot be axed.

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