Remember When… Tim Ferguson

With the Boxcutters team scattered around the globe this week, we take a wander down memory lane with an occasional series that we’ve now dubbed Remember When…

Remember When… Tim Ferguson joined us to talk about his impressively long career in Australian television, visiting on the eve of the inaugural Melbourne Comedy Festival show, Axed? If not, this is your lucky week because we’ve got an Encore Presentation in place of the regular show.

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I’m not sure if Josh and John are going to update this week with their One Thing to watch over the week but I’ll stick this up and we’ll see how we go:

Brett: Hey Hey It’s Saturday ?Reunion Special? – Nine – 7:30 Wed, 30 Sep 2009

They’re baaaaaack! Daryl and Ossie Ostrich, Celebrity Heads, Plucka a Duck and most especially and delightfully Red Faces; remember the Luge – older but joyously no wiser – thank goodness. Yet another chance to show how fantastically foolish we can be.

[Thanks to IceTV for the description]


  1. catbrain says:

    @Brett, that is just ELEVENTY KINDS OF WRONG to recommend watching Hey Hey. It is CRAP. It's had its day, LET IT DIE. 28 years is ENOUGH ALREADY.

    Watch Celebrity MasterChef instead. Or Spicks & Specks. Or both. WHATEVER. Just please don't give this show air.

    And if you're reading this, Wilbur, it's nothing personal.

  2. Now now CB; Let 'em have a reunion – it's been 10 years, and they were a big part of our TV heritage. Why not? I wouldn't want a full-time return, but a once(twice)-off show? Absolutely. Especially as they're all young enough to 'do it properly'. Hell, I'd be happy to see 'Man to Man', 'the Ray Martin Midday Show', or even 'the Early Bird Morning Show' back again. Ever get the feeling TV took a wrong direction somewhere??

    Talking Point: consider the following – Dr Who are only doing 4 shows in 2009, and all are hugely anticipated. Had 'Hey Hey' backed off to 4 shows a year (' Hey Hey it's Xmas'/ 'Hey Hey it's Easter'/ 'Hey Hey it's Halloween/etc), they'd probably never have stopped. And I suspect we'd all give 'em a pass for it.

    …just not, y'know, just not have 'em back every week…

  3. Alex Boxcutter says:

    2.1 million viewers for heyhey reunion!!!!!
    Kicked the cash-in master chef's arse…..I watched niether but that news makes me very happy 🙂

  4. catbrain says:

    Good point, MordWa. If it were just a few specials a year, I think it could work. My concern is that both Nein and Somers will think that this means a weekly show will do really well too. It won't. Well, perhaps in Melbourne, but I really don't think it will fly nationally.

  5. you'd be surprised catbrain – i was working on a mine site in the middle-of-nowhere, WA when hey hey ended, and the wet mess would be crowded on a saturday night while the show was on. i'm from melbourne originally and the thing that bewildered me most about these boofhead's adoration for the show is that they considered Somers a comic genius for coming up with the magnificent pronunciation “foot-es-cray”. through the week people would say “foot-es-cray” when conversations lulled and how they'd all laugh! i could've screamed “it was franco cozzo you losers” til i was blue in the face, but i would've been considered a crazy person with no idea about humour, comedy or talent. which is why i listen to boxcutters, obvs.

  6. Rob Boxcutter says:

    I'm very confused. It seems the ABC is broadcasting the BBC/HBO 5-episode drama FIVE DAYS (reviewed back in podcast 115), but you wouldn't know it because it has been renamed “Hunter”, presumably because there was recently a spin-off, apparently, called Hunter, starring the two detectives from Five Days. I came across it on ABC1 tonight. Perhaps they will do a repeat screening on ABC2. What is going on?

    And guess what? The other day, a man arrived at my door with a CHICKEN. It's a radio chicken, not a television chicken, but I'm nevertheless excited to be sharing my home with observational poultry.

  7. catbrain says:

    @jebo I don't think the Hey Hey team can sustain a weekly show anymore. Although people are very nostalgic for it, once it's available for weekly consumption they'll tire of it pretty quickly.

    All that said, I'm tuning in tonight cos I wanna see Jackie Mac.

    @Rob – YES YES YES! I kept seeing the promos, thinking “I've seen this, I know I've seen this but it wasn't called that” and I couldn't remember what it was called. The ABC has never screened it before, so perhaps it was sold to the ABC as part of a Hunter bundle, hence the name? I can think of no other reason for renaming it.

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