197: Sam Pang, Just Don’t Bother, The Loop, The Brownlow, The Emmys

Sam Pang, host of the SBS quiz show, ADBC, is our guest this week.
He tells us things about stuff.

There’s a Things You May Have Missed about The Loop, a special Just Don’t Bother, and Brett thinks the Brownlow is both brown and low.

Listen to it y’all:

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  1. Tristan Boxcutter says:

    im halfway through breaking bad season 2 and i must say “mr white” very much deserved his best actor emmy, his acting is fantasitc

  2. I think a venting for the 200th show sounds like a great idea. You guys can complain about all the people and TV shows that annoy you.

  3. paddyhoulihan says:

    is John Richards watching The Wire yet?

  4. Shhhh… yes. I managed to watch the first episode. When I eventually got the shrink-wrapping off, which was surprisingly hard (I had to use an implement!). I found it a little distracting to see a couple of UK actors, including That Guy From Ultraviolet and That Guy From Diana & Me, playing touch Americans.

    Of course, after all the build-up of it being THE BESTEST SHOW IN THE WORD EVER!!!! it's going to be hard for it to live up to the hype – but I am looking forward to watching a second episode.

  5. “tough” Americans, obviously… not “touch”. That doesn't mean anything.

  6. Touch Americans are the ones who hug you all the time, and who can't talk to you without leaning forward to touch your shoulder or your knee while using your first name incessantly, so instead of sounding friendly they just creep you the f*ck out.

    By the way, you guys need to issue some kind of warning that listeners should not be operating heavy machinery – or using gym equipment – while listening to the show. I was catching up with the lovely Boxcutter lads while getting my dose of cardio exercise, when Josh started on his “IT'S GOING CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP” binge and I nearly fell off the cross trainer I was laughing so hard.

    If I break something, I'mma gonna sue!

  7. Yes, yes, I'm sure Bryan Crantson's Emmy was well deserved, brilliant acting, blah-di-blah-di-blah, cable television cures cancer, You know what? I GET IT ALREADY. But a) Hugh Laure is not only a genius and a diamond of the first water, but he's been nominated *5* times already! Either stop nominating him, Academy, or let him win once in a while!
    b) I resent the fact that, watching the Emmys, I kept going, 'Oh, look here's a montage. Oh, look, there's a show I haven't seen! Oh, kay, good, there's 30 Rock, Big Bang Theory, House, Lost, and How I Met Your Mother and there's- nope, sorry, that's Mad Men again.
    I have nothing against shows like United States of Tara, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, or Weeds. I'm told they're brilliant, and if I had cable or internet speeds topping 42kbs, I would watch. As it is, I can watch public broadcaster number one, public broadcaster number two, public broadcaster number three: native affairs, le cha?ne de t?l?vision publique francophone, the one that re-broadcasts all CBS and NBC shows, the fuzzy channel, the one that rebroadcasts all FOX shows, and, when the wind is blowing right, the really really really fuzzy big city multicultural community channel and the faint shadow of PBS. On a good day. I watch an inordinate amount of depressing Qu?b?cois short films with subtitles, reality shows where french people try to canoe across the country, 16th century style, sketch comedy and rebroadcasts of House, NCIS and How I Met Your Mother shown at random times of the day or night. Now, I realize that the Emmys do not give awards for “most time spent looking out the window moodily and/or committing self-harm while a moody song plays”, and I don't expect comedians joking about inbreeding in Newfoundland to translate internationally, so instead, I turn my eyes to the hills. Not The Hills, and not technically, but I get a nice little frisson of excitement when the American shows I watch a rebroadcast of get a nom. I sit down in front of my shrines to Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry (he wasn't nominated, but his shrine's next to Hugh's) Neil Patrick Harris, and some Canadian actors you won't recognize, so I won't list them- and go “Hmm. This is nice.” Then I realize that apparently myself and my friends no longer watch the same television as the rest of the word and that the only shows I've seen were the mini-series and telefilms because assorted public networks show them either in the original or dubbed in French, and I get angry. Cable television, behave yourself or I will write your parents a very stern letter.
    Hey, that was cathartic!
    Oh, and I loved NPHs musical number, bu I have soft spot a kilometre
    ide in my heart for musicals.
    p.s. Jon Cryer? Really, Academy?

  8. Tristan Boxcutter says:

    I distinctly remeber the loop being on within the last year during uni student primetime (the 1130-130am period) and i remember it being much better then most of the other sitcoms that end up in that timeslot (cavemen, men with dogs etc). in fact i tried to track it down on channel bittorrent but they seemed to no longer be showing it πŸ™

  9. facebook-634207591, Public Broadcaster number two (the one that's supposed to be numero due) has now played the first series of Mad Men…

  10. Well, you beat me to it – I finished watching the first episode all of fifteen minutes ago. Good stuff. Lance Reddick walks a lot more normally when he's not having to dodge massive letters that appear all over the place.

    Actually I had to look him up to remember where I'd seen him – oddly enough I had a weird feeling that he was in a show where they bought people back from the dead to question them, but I decided he wasn't in Fringe (only saw the first ep despite quite liking it), and must have guested on Torchwood, been around some time when Jack Bauer died and then came back to life, done weird shit in Lost (damn… he /was/ in Lost too, wasn't he!) etc. And now I can't help but picture him as the Haitian (have I got the right nationality?) on Heroes, even though I know that's a different guy… I didn't think that he might be in Pushing Daisies…. because I haven't seen that yet. Maybe he's “guested” in Pushing Daisies just to bring up his quota of bringing-the-dead-back-to-life shows (is that an equity/SAG reuirement in the US, or is that just in the UK?).

  11. I. am. Sparta!
    Or, rather, facebook-634207591. And none of my public broadcasters have played Mad Men yet. (Give them time. The national broadcaster just started playing Ghost Whisperer. Not that I'm comparing the two, just making a point about how taxpayer dollars could probably be better spent.)

  12. nathalieboxcutter says:

    Perhaps, Radio-Canada will show the translated version of Mad Man (Hommes Fous? Hommes Pub?) before CBC. lache pas la patate, Sophie

  13. We are SO international.

    (Typed while sitting in a cafe in Auckland. Thank you, Central Cafe, Karangahape Road. Also: in NZ you ask for a flat white, 'cos a latte comes in a BOWL. Like in France).

  14. I was going to make a snide remark about how then Radio-Canada would have to cancel one of their panel discussions on teen suicide, but then I realized that Radio-Canada actually occasionally produces drama. And I dream of a world where Radio-Canada shows Mad Men dubbed in French.

  15. nathalieboxcutter says:

    It will happen in the next 5 years (If I remember well)…

  16. Rob Boxcutter says:

    @narrelle: If you thought that was funny, better play the “This week on Boxcutters” clip on the blog sidebar before it gets replaced!

  17. Rob Boxcutter says:

    @John: I reckon The Wire is best watched in seasons rather than episodes, or at least regarded that way. I'm watching Season 1 again (on the ABC) and am struck by how little exposition there is, how vividly the characters are animated and literally 'embodied' by the cast, how sparse, evocative, precise and yet natural is the dialogue. The subject matter, too, is enthralling. I love shows that give me a sense of what a world otherwise alien to me is like, and The Wire does this incredibly well and from many angles.

  18. It's just as well I wasn't at the gym when I heard that. There would definitely have been an injury.

  19. catbrain says:

    @John, when I read “touch Americans” I thought you meant “louche Americans”. My bad, or maybe not.

  20. james mason says:

    All episodes of HIMYM are streaming at http://howimetyourmotherstreaming.com for free. you can watch it online πŸ™‚ sweet !!

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