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Ep 331: Girls, Reducta

Sure, we’re looking at Girls for the second week in a row. Maybe because we think the show is worth it or maybe it’s because we’re all out of ideas. You decide. We’re too busy concentrating on what makes good TV. Meanwhile there’s also terrible ads to talk about and letters to read out. That’s alright, you sit right there, we’ll do everything. Courteney Hocking is in this episode. You like her.

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Ep 313: The Newsroom

This week we take a special look at the new Aaron Sorkin show, The Newsroom. Passions fly and loyalty is laid on the line. We lined up some experts from both sides of the Sorkin fence to investigate exactly what it is that makes this show so loved and hated.

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Girls: A review

New Hollywoonderkind, Lena Dumham is behind the HBO series, Girls: a look at four 20-something women in New York trying to make sense of their lives and relationships.

Dunham plays Hannah, an aspiring writer who is forced to quit her internship when her parents cut off her allowance. She’s in a relationship with a guy who asks for some very particular things in the bedroom but will never go out with her in public.

Her friends are: Marnie, a gallerina who is over loved but unsatisfied by her boyfriend; Jessa, a precocious and affected free spirit who has just returned from London; and Shoshanna, reserved and younger, she looks up to Jessa and wants to be as outgoing but doesn’t know how.

The comparisons to Sex and the City are obvious: to the point where Shoshanna had a poster of the HBO series on her bedroom wall.

But the portraits of the young women in Girls is so much more real than anything we ever saw in Sex in the City. There’s subtext here: a feeling of so much more beneath the surface but not knowing how to come out.

And there’s also a big understanding of the awkwardness of sexual compatibility that we haven’t seen before.

There’s a lot of honesty in Girls. It’s a world that I would probably be a stranger to, but it is so recognisable from the friends I had in my 20s. It contains the emotional excitement and shame that is part-and-parcel with being a 20-something. I’ve never seen that portrayed so accurately on television before.

Also contained within the honesty of the show is an explicitness in the depiction of sexuality. It would be pornographic but for the ordinariness of it.

Girls, in a nutshell, is this constant masturbation with other people watching: a sense that the characters need to explore more about themselves but they are also confined by what society is expecting. Everything is an exploration and handled with a humour and drama more mature than most stories that get to the screen.

A version of this review of Girls appeared in Episode 306 of Boxcutters.

Ep 306: Girls and Maid Marian

We’ve been waiting for a show that created some controversy and passion in the studio. From the media that’s been going around HBO’s Girls, we thought we found just the thing. Have we?

Also, everybody’s favourite Ben McKenzie comes in to talk about a very merry Things You May Have Missed (pssst! It’s Maid Marian and her Merry Men)

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Ep 301: House of Lies, Yodelling

House of Lies airs on Showtime in the US and stars Don Cheadle, Kristen Bell and Dave Lawson’s brother, Josh. We review and try to work out why some people might not like it.

There’s an ad that involves some kind of yodelling. Brett takes a look at that in I Don’t Buy It and then there’s also a Crap TV.

That should be enough for you.

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Ep 228: How to Make it In America

Yes. We finally review How to Make it in America. “About bloody time,” you all shout in a wondrous chorus.

Also, John goes through why he chose Lynda Day for his choice to include in the list of Greatest TV Characters of All Time.

We had a lot of fun putting this one together. Probably more than you’ll have listening to it, but give it a go anyway.

Don’t forget to let us know about your list of the greatest TV characters of all time.

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Ep 198: Beauty plus Geek, Marc Fennell

Corin and Jenna, one of the geeks and one of the beauties from Channel 7’s Beauty and the Geek, join us in the studio to talk about what it’s like to be part of a reality television series.

Marc Fennell, the star of ABCTV’s Hungry Beast is on the phone discussing the controversies around the first episode.

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As we sail into our 5th year of Boxcutters ? thanks for all the cards and pressies for our birthday last week, BTW ? we take a look at the future of another show of longevity, Hey Hey it’s Saturday, as we talk to Wilbur Wilde about how things are going in the run-up to the two special reunion shows, happening on Tuesday(!) September 29 and October 6. Keep an ear out – there seemed to be a strange echo in the studio that sounded a little like some names we know.

Operation Generation Kill is launched, covering the TV series from HBO based on the reports of Evan Wright, reporting for Rolling Stone magazine.

Brett points out the rape of a cultural icon in his I Don’t Buy It.

And we’ve got your Letters, viewing advice for the week with One Thing and the News coverage we’re known and loved for.

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    Ep 193: Hung, Parker Lewis, Hamlet!

    This week we look at the new HBO drama, Hung, and in Before and After School there’s Parker Lewis Can’t Lose.

    Parker Lewis Can’t Lose: The Complete First Season
    is, of course, available on DVD.

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    Quite simply one of the best guests we’ve ever had on the show, Genevieve Lemon is honest, hilarious and an award winning actress. East Bound and Down is a new comedy from some of the people responsible for Funny or Die and we review it for your aural pleasure.

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