Ep 301: House of Lies, Yodelling

House of Lies airs on Showtime in the US and stars Don Cheadle, Kristen Bell and Dave Lawson’s brother, Josh. We review and try to work out why some people might not like it.

There’s an ad that involves some kind of yodelling. Brett takes a look at that in I Don’t Buy It and then there’s also a Crap TV.

That should be enough for you.

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John Richards Live

See John Richards at your local library, if you live in Brunswick. He’ll be speaking about how he turned a $500 short film into a television series.

Thursday, 19th of April at 7.45pm
Brunswick Library
233 Sydney Road (enter from Dawson Street)
Brunswick 3056

Dave’s Shed Show

You should totally watch this:

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  1. Trudy Boxcutters says:

    Dear Boxcutters, I checked out ‘House of Lies’ a few months ago, after you mentioned in passing that it was good. Sorry guys, but it was way too misogynistic for me. On a different matter (I’ve been saving up things I’ve wanted to say over the weeks), how could you not love UK TV? I adore it and frequently find myself jonesing for it. Currently, the ABC is showing the UK show ‘The Shadlow Line’ on Friday nights, and it is mesmerisingly good. You are missing out! Wanted also to say that I loved ‘The Straits’. I thought you might be blowing a bit of smoke up Penny Chapman, but it really was an excellent, excellent show. I enjoyed your ‘The Killing’ versus ‘Spiral’ discission. Just finished the second series of ‘The Killing’ and it ended much better than the first (which was its main fault). I would be interested in your thoughts. I’m having a bit of trouble getting into ‘Spiral’, but will perservere for now. Loving the podcast as much as ever (I listened to all your archived material in about 9 months – and now I am a little bit bereft!). Thanks, Trudy.

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