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With just two and a half months to go before the first part of our country (Mildura/Sunraysia) is left without access to a free-to-air analogue television, Senator Conroy announced this morning a joint venture between the Government, Southern Cross Media and Imparja.

The Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) service will be available to all areas except for Western Australia where a deal is in the works with Optus.

From the media release:

Executive Director of the Digital Switchover Taskforce, Andy Townend said the satellite service will be available for the Mildura/Sunraysia region as the first region to switch over to digital-only TV on 30 June 2010.

To access the VAST service, viewers will need to purchase a new satellite set top box with an access ‘smart card’, a satellite dish and cabling.

“Households wanting to get ready for the new satellite service should contact a qualified antenna installer to express their interest so they can start making arrangements immediately, including the installation of a satellite dish,” Mr Townend said.

Altec UEC will be the initial supplier and distributor of satellite set top boxes. The supplier will be informing antenna installers and satellite equipment suppliers in Mildura/Sunraysia about the availability of the new satellite service from today.

Households in the Mildura/Sunraysia region already using the existing Aurora satellite service will be able to convert to the new service using their existing dish as soon as the new set top boxes are available.

Do you live in the middle of nowhere and want access to television like everybody else? Tell us in the comments.

Ep 218: Dan Ilic, Dave Bloustien

This week we talk to Dan Ilic about the ads he created for the VicRoads road-safety campaign. You probably would have seen them referred to because of their controversy.

Also, Dave Bloustien discusses writing for Good News Week and the Glass House.

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Go! It’s an instruction for tedium

I really love what the free to air networks have done with digital television. The offering from Channel 9, Go!, is a remarkable piece of television development.

Remember when networks didn’t know how to fill their entire schedule so they’d put old, cheap or seemingly random programmes on at dead times? My Two Dads at 4pm, Newhart whenever it rained at the cricket, and Thrillseekers at midday on Saturday were all old Channel 9 staples.

I don’t think they ever thought people were watching their station at these times. Either that or Kerry Packer really loved an afternoon of stuntmen jumping cars over canyons.

One of the ingenious things about Go! is that you can watch their entire programming for a day depending on whether you wake up in the morning or the afternoon. They’ve really catered this one to the lazy. Despite the exclamation mark in the title, Go! does not seem to be an imperative. In fact, it’s the name I’d give to a new designer drug that made you feel like you were having a good time while really the whole world was passing you by.

Here’s a taste of what they’ve launched with: The Nanny, Just Shoot Me, Entertainment Tonight, I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, and Australia’s Funniest Home Videos. All of those shows are available TWICE A DAY. In case you miss an episode of the Nanny you can catch it again eight and a half hours later!

I think what happened is they couldn’t fit the entire title, “Go Into A Vegetative State!”, on the screen.

Really, this was the laziest thing I’ve seen come out of the Free To Air networks for some time. Somebody got paid for coming up with that programming schedule, that title, that media release that came to my inbox. Everybody involved should be ashamed.

This week: Peter Lane, former Chairman of Channel 31 in Melbourne talks to us about the state of community television in the move to digital; producer Sue Taylor sets our mind at ease about 3 Acts of Murder; and we discuss movies about TV shows from a horrible future where we can only enjoy watching people die.

Also we have the answer to last week’s quiz and a whole bunch of news (and a rant about the whole Chaser thing).

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SBSTWO launches tonight

SBSTWO launches tonight. In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the promo they’ve been running:

At least they’re not lying about what it’s going to be. More of the same. How does a television network that is already supposed to be fulfilling a special need, provide more specialised content?
Considering the recent criticism of SBS’s new direction, perhaps SBSTWO will be the channel we all expected SBS 1 to be.

We’ll be discussing this new Freeview ad on this week’s Boxcutters. It launched last night. Watching it is all the homework you need to do this week.